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Believing Time Travel To The Past Is Possible.

Time Travel Absolutely Can Not, Will Not, Has Not Ever Existed Or Will Ever Be Invented.

Sorry to have to be the one to destroy all science fiction movies, shows and books on the subject for over a millennia but this has to be addressed. And when you reach the end of this article, the rationale will leave you more inspired than anything time travel has to offer. This is not an argument for or against quantum theory or wormholes or anything scientific about the current understanding of time travel. We always think of time as a linear thing, of very pinpoint, direct causalities but it’s in fact infinitely exponential where everything affects everything else. And the simple truth of the matter is time only moves in one direction and always will. Which is the way natural laws protect us from ourselves.

In order to explain this best, I have to use an old example. In this thought experiment, we’ll theoretically go back in time from your existence. First, let’s get into an agreement. Would you agree with me that you have two parents a mother and a father? They don’t have to be good parents or in your life currently but did it not take two humans to create you? One male and one female? Yes? Ok good, we’ll start there. And for your parents, did they also need two individual parents to begin their lives, your grandparents? So your mom had two parents, and your dad had two parents. So four grandparents for you in total at this point. Now if we keep doing that every generation doubles the previous. 2 becomes 4. 4 becomes 8. 8 becomes 16. 32 then 64 then 128 and so on. And this pattern continues back through time. At that rate, it only takes 30 generations to reach 1 billion great (to the power of 30) grandparents. Let’s say the average age of having children is 25. So with that rough average, 30 times 25 is only 750. Theoretically, in this example by the time we reach 750 years ago you will have had 1 billion grandparents in that time.

On top of that, they say the odds of you even being born is 1 in 400 trillion. That means every single one of those billion great-grandparents had the same odds. That is simply astronomical to fathom. Babies, although they make it seem easy to have in movies are incredibly difficult to bring into the world. First, you need that second person, which, all meetings throughout life are about timing and chance. Miss the bus, late for coffee, stuck in traffic. Anything and everything, all of it has a ripple effect that over time grows into a tsunami of change for future events. With just a bump, or a smell, or a conversation, all of it can knock you off any given trajectory and you might miss out on that chance encounter that could lead to finding that partner. Or that delay could lead to meeting them in the first place. Even still the web of encounters we have on a daily basis are constantly changing our timelines and in turn we change the timelines of everyone we interact with around us as well. Just reading this article is changing yours now. And nothing is passive either, ideas change decision-making down the road as well. So back to birth, once you find that other person, again your timing is everything the “right” sperm has to reach the “right” egg at the perfect moment in time. Ovulation the small window of time a woman can get pregnant every month is at best only 5 days out of the month but usually only 2 to 3 days. Miss that window the child doesn’t exist and its on to the next month and a totally different child. Then out of the billions of sperm only one reaches the egg which dictates so many traits that child has for life. That means temperature, diet, moisture and again most importantly timing all play a role. Any difference in that sequence, you could have a boy instead of a girl, a child who is unhealthy as opposed to a healthy one. Everything contributes to everything else. The resources that we all need to grow, come from the universe around us. So we’re always borrowing and exchanging with plants, animals and other people alike. Right down to the molecules of water, oxygen, carbon etc. all are burrowed and that which is in use can’t be taken in by another. So in effect, we share what we need to survive.

But here’s where it starts to get really cool. Since everything is so interconnected, we are literally changing the world with every step we take. You don’t have to be a titan of industry, or a Bill Gates to change the world. Simply walking, or driving, or talking with a friend is doing it. Some things seem more profound and have a greater impact in your life, some that you can see it in real-time for instance. Like if your significant other breaks up with you but you go out and meet the person of your dreams and have a beautiful family or even a miscarriage that eventually leads the next healthy beautiful child you might have. That child wouldn’t exist without the previous loss and that family wouldn’t happen without the breakup. So you literally have to give thanks to that breakup or the bad things that happen along the way to the good because without it the life you have wouldn’t exist.

It’s such a great concept in life. We are constantly experiencing peaks and valleys. Great times and hard times. But when your standing on the peak you have to look back and thank the valley, for had it not happened you would be on a completely different path and not on that particular peak. Birth and the life it gives is the ultimate peak, so just the same as with your own life, you have to look back through time and be grateful for all the peaks and valleys throughout history because they all contributed to your existence. Earthquakes, famine, atrocities, victories, defeats, wars, celebrations, births, and deaths. Everything contributed to all those perfectly timed chance encounters and if you try to move one single card in this giant house of cards the world as we know it, doesn’t exist, you don’t exist. So back to time travel. If you had this mythical time travel machine and went back 750 years and you simply bumped into one other person and you slightly alter their timeline that day. That small act compounds massively over time. And just by going back in time you effectively remove yourself from existence, so you never are around to actually go back in time. As a quick example say that small bump makes them slightly late to dinner and upsets the man’s wife who decides they don’t share the bed that evening. So the child they might have had doesn’t happen that night. and every single encounter that child had and the connections they made and the relationships they had and influenced don’t happen and the snowball builds and builds till you rearranged the entire world. You simply can not remove or mess with anything in time because it is all interconnected.

Not Celebrating Our Birthdays.

Celebration Of Our Birthday's

We should Always Celebrate Our Birthdays No Matter How Small The Celebration May Be.

Celebration Of Our Birthday's
Celebration Of Our Birthday’s

It just so happens to be my birthday today. And for the past several years I haven’t put too much emphasis on the day. I always told myself when you get to a certain age birthdays are no longer important. Something for children but not full-grown adults. Recently I realized how wrong that thinking was. We should celebrate our birthdays to the fullest each and every year. Shout it from the rooftops or have a quiet meditation about it. Just don’t let it slip past without being thankful for it.

We need to be thankful for this gift of another year on this earth. It helps to be thankful for each and every day. But on your birthday it’s special, another milestone hit in the miracle that is you. Think of how astronomically impossible it is for you to even have this gift of life, gift of existence. The confluence of so many chance encounters. It’s like hitting the lottery jackpot hundreds of times. First your parents needed to be born at just the perfect times for them to be able to meet. And same with your parent’s parent’s and so on down the line.

Winning The Many Lottery’s Of Creation.

On top of that, they needed to actually meet. And with billions of people living on this planet that is mind-boggling in and of itself. Perfect place, perfect time. Then they must take the actual actions for creation on the exact day of the exact month where you were conceived. That’s when the true luck of your life happened. It had to be the exact month of all history. One month before you don’t exist, one month after, the same thing, you never come to be. Then out of the millions of sperm cells, just one special one makes it to your mother’s ovum and gives life to you. If the wrong one gets there sooner you may not have the life you have. Then months of growth within your mother. Ideally in good health.

Then with each passing year, hundreds, if not thousands help to ensure your survival. From the parents to the teachers and babysitters. From the food supply systems and water distribution networks that give you easy access to nutrition and water. To the builders and family that puts a roof over your head. We are given so many gifts along the way that when we reach a milestone like that of our birthdays we must jump for joy. For we have been blessed with yet another year on this planet. So I say Happy Birthday to all, enjoy your special day.

Feeding Your Child Store-Bought Baby Food laden With Toxic Heavy Metals.

Heavy Toxic Metals

Most Store-Bought Baby Food Contain Dangerous Levels Of Toxic Heavy Metals.

Is that not insane? This all goes back to simply trusting the food manufacturers and believing what they put in our foods are safe even for the most fragile lives among us. Yet that trust is shattered when they poison babies with dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals in store-bought baby food. Just read this article from CNN.

Toxic Heavy Metals Baby Food

So many parents are unaware of this mass poisoning. And we would all stay blissfully ignorant to it, had congress not stepped in and conducted an investigation. It’s terrifying the ramifications that many children will have due to this criminal oversight. Yet I’m sure the purveyors of these companies won’t be punished. Which they should be to the full extent of the law.

These children who have ingested these high levels of toxic heavy metals in their food for years growing up. Could end up with all kind of health and developmental issues from cancer to neurodegenerative diseases. All from their parent’s trusted source of food. Parents who probably were none the wiser and thought they were doing good feeding their children from these sources.

Take Control of What We Feed Our children

This all comes back to one option. We have to take responsibility for feeding our own children. And not outsource it to large manufacturers who are poisoning our children. Sure it’s a little less convenient to have to make our own baby food but you have to consider the alternative. It’s an absolute no brainer if you know what you now know.

It’s really not that difficult either. Just buy the whole healthy organic fruits and vegetables you want to feed your child. Then feed those through a masticating juicer if your baby is allowed raw foods or steam and mash them if they can’t. Super simple and just might save a child’s life.

The Roofing Mentality #271

How To Use A Roofing Mentality To Get Sh*t Done

So much of life can be put off to tomorrow. So we do just that. How often do we start new projects, get a little headway on them, and put them aside for another day, another month, or year? How many projects are collecting dust or just have never seen the light of day? We’ll lose motivation just as quickly as the flash of inspiration brought it about in the first place. That’s why we must apply the roofing mentality to all our life projects.

First The Work?

Recently I had the pleasure and the pain of completing roofing my own home, single-handed from start to finish. No other persons involved, just me, my own two hands and some tools. I chose to also replace all the wood sheathing on my home as well. Anyone who has ever roofed a house knows this is a pain-staking process.

First I purchased around 60 sheets of plywood. I didn’t have a truck so I rented one from home depot and had them load the wood for me. Drove it home and offloaded every sheet and returned the truck. I also bought some high-end felt. Which is an under-lament to the shingles. Now had my base in order to start. There was good weather in the forecast for the next few weeks so it was now or put it off till the next year. I borrowed a dump trailer from a friend and it was go time. Grabbed my Skilsaw and headed up to the roof. The plan was to cut between each truss and rip off the plywood and shingles in strips.

This is one of the biggest lessons of this article. From that very first cut, the second that blade just barely slices open your roof. There is no turning back, you are now at the point of no return. If you choose to put it off at that point, you are going to create more damage and more work for yourself as time progresses. So the second you start you are locked in till completion. Absolutely no other choice and as the problems arise you have to address them and work through them. Because you have to be finished before the next rains hit.

Unforeseeable Problems Often Tend To Arise

I tear off one side of my roof with little issue it takes roughly the full day to tear everything off and lift, carry and nail into place all the new sheets of plywood. I’m happy with the first day and incredibly sore. Second day manage to dump the first load of roofing material and get started tearing off on the next side.

I find much more moisture damage and sagging in the truss on this side of the house but it has to be fixed. So I buy 26 piece of lumber to sister on to each truss to plane out the roof line. I then must cut each individual piece of lumber to length and pitch and nail them in before I can replace the sheeting this whole process takes 2 days. But after 3 days I finally have plywood on both sides of the roof.

It begins lightly raining the evening of that 3rd day and I realize I don’t have the luxury to take a break yet. I need to protect the wood from rain. So I get back on the roof as night is drawing near to put felt on the roof. This is the under-lament for the shingles it’s waterproof and also acts as a temporary weather protector. At that point I could rest my body a day or two but not too long, felt is only a temporary measure. Lastly, over the course of 3 more days, I nail in each shingle, install the ridge cap, nail off drip edge, install the skylights, install the vents and flashing.

Mind you this is the first roof I have ever put on and I managed to do it without any assistance. In my opinion it came out beautifully and as far as I can tell no leaks.

What Can We Learn From This?

We are capable of far more then we know. We just need to educate ourselves and take action. But the real point is this, we need to treat the projects in our life as such as the roofs over our heads. That from the moment we start, there is absolutely no turning back. We must reach completion.

We have to create pain points around our target that tell us if we don’t complete this we will face a whole host of other much larger problems that will follow. If I don’t get that roof on before it rains first the insulation goes, then the drywall fails, and my whole ceiling caves in. Then my flooring rots, my appliances break, and so on. The roof is one of, if not the most important feature of a house. But all features of a house are important, the walls that hold up the roof, the foundation that holds the weight of the entire house. The plumbing that gives us water and disposes of our waste, the electrical and so on. Just like all projects can be important in our life. If we’re going to start them we must finish or else your own metaphorical roof can cave in on you.

Attaching Third Party Feelings To a First Party Relationship. #270

Never Attach The Feelings That Came From Another Source To A Different Someone Or Something.

Most of the time we don’t even realize we are doing it. This happens a lot in broken homes. If the parent of a child now hates their own child’s father. That animosity may get redirected towards the child just by proxy. Or vise versa the feelings from your child could get redirected towards you the parent.

If you have had a bad experience in life and that person who caused it is now removed from your life. Sometimes you’ll show disdain towards the person who brought them into your life. As with some parents one may have been abusive. But since the other brought them into your life you may show those strong feelings of hate towards the one loving parent. Simply because they were the catalyst for that other person being in your life.

This is simply a transference to someone who doesn’t always deserve the strong emotions directed at them. They also probably went through the hardships and are ready to move on. In those times its best to show strength through restraint in emotive displays that might be directed at the wrong individual all together.

We may have have friends who have brought people into our lives that have upended our lives. I don’t think that friend had that intention but we might treat them that way. Isolate relationships down to what is between you and that person and treat them accordingly. Be mindful of how you interact. What is outside of that, is outside of that, leave it for those other isolations you maintain. Don’t hate your siblings because your parents sucked. Love your family, remove toxicity where it exist and the full broad spectrum of a relationship is toxic, let it go. Just don’t drag others into that pained process.

Don’t Let Your Cup Be Too Full. Blowing It Discussion #269.

Always Fill Your Cup But Never Allow Your Cup To Be Too Full. Be A Larger Cup.

This is all metaphorical speak for don’t believe you have all the answers. Don’t shut yourself off to new thoughts and new beliefs. Don’t let your cup be too full with no space for more.

Information, ideas, thoughts, goals, dreams, habits are the elixir, you are the cup. When you reserve yourself to being full you leave yourself no space to expand nowhere to go physically emotionally mentally. You tell yourself that you have all the answers and no one and nothing left on this beautiful planet or in this beautiful planet has anything else for me. You slowly strangle and kill your life force.

I made a huge mistake recently.

I thought this exercise in writing on blowing it was to show people a direction on how to not blow it. So I tried to write these articles on and like a dear in headlights, I was stopped dead in my tracks just waiting for impact to kill off my dreams. What I failed to recognize is what gives me the right to claim I have all the answers. I don’t, my cup is not full, I’m learning everyday just like you.

Hopefully the struggles and mistakes I make and the struggles of others on this website help you avoid the same perils. But most importantly what I took away from myself when I tried to move to how to not blow it, was my permission to fail. And that is so powerful. When you think everything has to be right and perfect, you will never start. You need to give yourself permission to fail. That is where the progress is made.

You need to not believe you have all the answers and you can’t fail, that’s delusion. Blowing it is based on failing and getting back up and trying again. Not everything you do in life is going to be a home run but that’s okay you just have to keep stepping up to the plate. I took a long break from writing these post and it was the wrong move, I will continue to blow it along side you guys. and share the experience for others to improve upon.

Lowering High Blood Pressure. #268

Two Of The Best Ways Of Lowering High Blood Pressure Without Medication.

They say high blood pressure is the silent killer. Heart disease, stroke, many fatal ailment can be directly traced back to high blood pressure. So what are some easy ways of lowering high blood pressure that don’t require medical intervention?

First Method For Lowering High Blood Pressure And Easiest.

Lowering High Blood Pressure

One of the most surprising and incredibly effective ways for lowering blood pressure. As well as one of the easiest. Is to take a shot of extra virgin olive oil daily. Some of the longest living societies in the world. Areas they call blue zones. Many of which are dotted around the Mediterranean. Have olive oil as a main staple of their diet. Areas like Sicily where citizen down roughly twelve to thirteen liters of olive oil annually. Broken down, there are 33 ounces in a liter. So actually a little more then a shot a day. So maybe have a shot and add some to a salad too.

Olive oils are high in antioxidants and healthy fats such as monounsaturated fats. And like I alluded to before, it can help prevent heart disease and stroke. Lowers your risk of type 2 diabetes. Can help make the foods you eat more nutritious. Improves bone health and protects against certain cancers. Its food for your brain. Not only that but it also tremendously helps the micro flora of your gut biome flourish. The stomach is considered the second brain so healthy impacts there will influence the health and well being of the entire body. So why not have a shot for good health?

Second Method For Lowering High Blood Pressure.

Which is totally free and you can do it almost anywhere. Is to go for a run. Or simply get your heart rate up to peak levels for a period of time. Even just a mile run will have an incredible effect on blood pressure.

With just those two simple things I’ve seen blood pressure lower 30 points in a day. I used to think it was a long arduous journey to lowering blood pressure. Turns out its nowhere near as complicated as we make it out to be. Makes you question why doctors don’t subscribe olive oil first? So get that heart rate up for at least 10 minutes and get a shot of extra virgin olive oil into your system. And watch like magic as it goes to work on lowering high blood pressure.

Going For Broke After Losing Just Little. #267

If You Have Only Lost A Little, Don’t Resign To Going For Broke. Fight Back And Don’t Waste The Rest Of Your Time.

The most sage advice was bestowed recently by no other then a professional football player by the name of Marquise Goodwin. In his quote he said, “If you had $86,400 in your bank and someone stole $10 from you, would you get upset and throw away the remaining $86,390? Absolutely not. We have 86,400 seconds each day. Don’t let a negative 10 seconds ruin your entire day.” It’s an absolute brilliant analogy. Yet many of us hit that 10 negative seconds then decide we’re going for broke. And the entire day becomes a bust. We double down on the negativity and compound it until we’ve bankrupted our time and lost the day.

Going for broke
Photo by Harry Sandhu on Unsplash

For many of us it’s starts first thing in the morning when we reach for our phones to find out what the world is doing only to disenchanted by the volume of negative headlines inundating our devices. We become reactionary and don’t even give ourselves the chance develop our mental fortitude to combat such news. We let it affect us rather then us affecting the world with our positive light. And for some of us if we lose early we lose often.

We don’t have to fall into the trap though. Don’t let negativity consume your whole day, don’t let drain the account. This happens often when trying to build new positive habits too. We miss a little and decide to bankrupt the entire mission. Some things will get in the way and rather then pick up where we left off, we simply give up on going for it.

Stop going for broke if things don’t always work out exactly how you wanted it to go. We are surrounded by challenges daily we can not let them set us off course. Just always keep in mind the account, there is still 84,390 left in it to make great.

Frequency Discrimination #266

How The Frequency We Operate Under Might Be The Cause Of Our Biases And Discrimination.

Ever feel completely in alignment within yourself or another person? You had an instant connection and you could feel it immediately. It’s a beautiful thing when it happens. I believe we all operate at different frequencies. As if our bodies are radio transmitters sending and receiving signals for others to pick up and receive. And when we harmonize frequency with another it’s magnetic, you feel the connection instantly.

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

But we’re not always in perfect synchronicity with the world around us. And when we aren’t, I think that can cause conflict within ourselves and the world around us. Anxiety and fear wells up and we disconnect, detach and ultimately discriminate against those not operating at the same frequency as us.

I would argue that this could be the basis for all discrimination. Of course people are different from you, but not all people that are different cause the same emotions every time. You could love and be best friends with people that look absolutely nothing like you. And at the same time be discriminate towards members of that persons family because they are on completely different wavelengths. It can happen within your own family.

All I’m saying is we protect our energy and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem comes when we can’t accept others having their own energy and frequency they operate at that is different from ours.

But here is the magic, we can influence and change others energy and frequency. By staying at a higher more positive level until they adapt to us. The down side of this fact is others can bring you down to their level as well if you don’t hold strong. Be aware of why and how others affect our energy but don’t let it destroy yours or cause such conflict. Be on the wavelength that others want ascend too. Always maintain the best possible frequency and bring others to your level, if they are not already there.

Concern With Privilege A Class May Receive That You’re Not A Part Of And May Never Be. #265

Never Concern Yourself By Worrying About What Privilege Another Class May Have And What You Don’t.

I can’t speak for people who feel genuinely disenfranchised. That is a state of being that we choose for ourselves. And if you have chosen it I truly do feel bad for the hurt you feel. But what I can say is if we stay steeped in such a belief it will only hold us down. Never to accomplish anything of significance because we believe that is reserved for only those who have privilege, a class we may never be a part of.

I’m a white male and I’m sure I get treated better then most others. I’m never harassed, I’m never objectified. I know I have opportunities others might not. So absolutely there are many benefits to my birth lottery. But I would argue that it was a white male who came up with the concept of white male privilege. People lack fortitude when they believe something is out of their reach. If you can beat someone psychologically before they even enter the game. You have already won and the starting whistle hasn’t even blown yet.

I’m not saying we sweep that under the rug either. But we have to understand the same goes for everyone. Not a single one of us will have the same opportunities as another. We have to strike at the ones that are available to us and create opportunities where none currently exist. And we can not accomplish that being concerned about someone else’s perceived privilege.

Photo by Chris Leipelt on Unsplash

It’s All In Our Heads.

Most of us were never born with the proverbial silver spoon. And we can spend our lives hating the upper class for the wealth and the privilege that wealth affords them. A wealth we might not have yet. But while we do that. we’ll never take any positive action to make our lot in life better. We’ll simply be worried about whats happening with our neighbors lawn, while weeds grow tall in ours.

This becomes massively compounding when we add a problem we can not fix. A race can not change it’s race and no one changes their sex to receive the privilege.

The point here is eliminate the thought process all together. I’ve said it before if you rail against what someone is or has, you put up a barrier to ever enter into that realm. Sorry to say if you hate the wealthy, you will never be wealthy. Hate others privilege you will never receive that privilege for yourself. It’s that simple. Be genuinely happy for others successes and you will receive successes of your own.