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Forgetting Skin Is The Biggest Organ Of The Human Body. #264

Sometimes We Forget Our Skin Is An Organ. So We Tend To Mistreat It In That Forgetfulness.

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Our skin is the biggest organ of the human body. But we treat it like an impermeable outer shell that protects the more important inner organs from most things. Our skin though is just as important and we need to remember that before we go and apply who knows what to our very permeable outer shell.

What you place on it ends up inside you. Not all of it, that is some of the protection this amazing organ has. But quite a bit of it gets through and definitely enters your blood stream and affects those other more sensitive organs. The soaps, the lotions, the sunscreens, the make-up, deodorants, disinfectants, cleaners, etc. All can get through that protective layer.

How Much Do You Pay Attention To The Ingredients In All Those Products?

Probably not at all because there has never been any cause for concern. It never seems to have any ill effects, or so we think. But those dyes and unpronounceable words most definitely enter your blood stream and unchecked over long periods of time can do irreparable damage to the insides.

Try this experiment sometime. Take a plastic bag and put some pealed garlic inside it. Now place that plastic bag over your bare foot and close around it. After a few minutes you will begin to taste garlic. Because it penetrates the skin, enters the blood stream and somehow effects flavor senses in the brain. All through the skin in your feet.

How Do We Avoid The Potential Damage?

Well you can try to eliminate all of it. Which is very difficult especially for women. No lotions, no make up, soap alternatives and deodorant alternatives. As for deodorant, it is a bit difficult to find a way to mask our body odor. But it can be accomplished with either apple cider vinegar. The vinegar smell dissipates once dry. Or food grade hydrogen peroxide. These allow you to perspire, which is part of your body’s natural toxic elimination system. We actually don’t want to eliminate sweat.

For soap find an all natural alternative. Dr. Bronners hemp unscented baby mild is a good safe alternative. You can also use it as a cleaner as well. Also distilled white vinegar and water make a good in home non toxic cleaner.

For lotion pure aloe will do the trick. Now I feel bad for women. They must at times feel almost obligated to wear make-up. I think it’s high time to let the natural beauty shine through. Maybe women could team up and agree no more make-up without judgement from others. It would give you back a lot of time and be great for your skin and health at the same time.

All in all we have to look at labels and find safe alternatives. In order to preserve and protect our bodies largest organ. Our skin.

Eliminate Thinking Of Help As A Burden #263

When Others Try To Help Sometimes We See It As A Burden. And How That Help Is Only Going To Make More Work For Ourselves.

We can’t look at it this way. We have to see it for what it is. Help through the kindness of the other person’s heart. Even if it does require more work out of you. You have to fight the urge to think of it as a burden.

I have a glowing symbol of this on my back patio. A wood burning stove that was never installed. It was gifted to me by my ex-wife It’s no surprise now why she is an Ex. Because all I could see in the moment was how this was going to create so much extra work for me and added expense. But for her this was a very loving gift. She knew I wanted a wood burning stove in the house and went out a found one for me and bought it. It never was installed and over time that old “burden” became a new issue, a new burden. How am I going to sell this heavy fireplace? Or that’s how I chose to look at it.

I did it far too many times. She would want to help assist me with projects like install some flooring or other household tasks. And I would let her frustratingly but that attitude shined through brightly. Because I could not see the forest through the trees I did not see how my actions of seeing another as a burden hindered our progress. To me it felt like it was complicating the process in the moment to add another hand. But looking back, me thinking that helpful hand was a burden was massively detrimental to the relationship. And it always will be no matter the context.

When someone offers assistance don’t think of it as a possible burden. But as a way this person is trying to show love and affection through their actions. Because once the idea of something becoming a burden outweighs thinking them as an asset. You will lose.

This happens with children and parents especially. Children love to help and to be a part of what your working on. And most of the time we think they’re just getting in the way. But we need to accept this form of love they’re sending us.

This concept tends to be quite difficult for introverts. Who prefer to do most things on their own. It’s a battle between ways of showing affection. An introvert needs to see assistance as love. And extrovert can sometimes show love to an introvert by leaving them completely alone. Which is just as hard to see as love.

No matter what, anything you think of as a burden has a funny way of departing your life for good. Which should come as no surprise. It was burdening you, or so you thought. And when you look back you just might say to yourself I wish I accepted their love better.

The Germ Is Nothing, The Terrain Is Everything. #262

The Germ Is Nothing, The Terrain Is Everything. These Were Some Of Louis Pasteur Final Words Of Warning.

Why would the father of pasteurization. Who was a renowned biologist microbiologist and chemist. One that contributed heavily to the science of vaccination and germ remediation. Say, “the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything?”

The germ is nothing
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Because he understood fundamentally that the germs needed a proper environment or host to be sustained. It is the terrain where the germ flourishes that becomes our Achilles heel.

We are in the middle of a global pandemic right now. And all the answers are pointing in the direction of pasteurization and vaccination. Clean everything, kill all germs and vaccinate when one is ready and we’ll all be saved. But what it really boils down to is have you provided good terrain for the virus to flourish? Have you weakened your immune system through unhealthy lifestyle choices? Bad diets, poor sleep, deficiency in cellular nutrients and toxicity through environment.

As of right now, one of our current solutions may eventually become our problem. If we thoroughly clean everything with industrial cleaners we eventually weaken our immune systems through toxicity exposure. These solvent are detrimental to our heal. We absorb them through our skin, inhale their vapors and when we do. Our immune system is forced to focus on the breakdown and removal of all the toxins, food included. So in it’s distraction, viruses can easily prevail.

A Proper Functioning Immune System Makes Quick Work Of The Virus.

In most cases with no symptoms at all. It doesn’t get to stick around because the terrain isn’t well suited for it. That’s why it doesn’t really affect healthy children. They don’t have as years of damage and strain placed upon the immune system as older adults due.

All in all the answer is quite simple, focus on the terrain, take care of your body. Fuel it with the right nutrition, get good sleep, stay clean, just do it without toxic cleaners. And eliminate the two fundamental causes of disease, deficiency and toxicity. Because in the end the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything.

Context Framing #261

Context Framing Is When We Edit Out Information In Order To Fit Our Own Agenda. Something To Avoid.

Context Framing
Photo by pine watt on Unsplash

Give the whole picture and allow everyone to judge for themselves. This always happens in politics. It’s actually quite sickening how much this tactic is used. You’ll often see an agenda of shining a negative light on another group. By framing the context around their own agenda. Just to show how one side cares about an issue and the other doesn’t. Even if the other group cares just as much if not more. They’ll do this by context framing.

Say a group wants to help a particular social interest. And in doing so they raise funds for that niche. Now if a competing firm wants those funds to go to their cause. They may paint the picture how this group who raised the funds doesn’t care about their cause. In essence framing the context to shine a negative light on a group who might have been trying to do good in another area. What’s even more sad is showing that you care about something just to spite that which you feel some negativity towards. And negativity is simply the absence of acceptance. Don’t care about social cause just because they detract from other causes. Care about them because you truly care about them.

Lets Never Lose Sight Of The Broader Picture, The Whole Image.

Because when the lens focuses on only what was framed in the information given. It becomes incredibly damaging. And that is exactly the goal of it. Damage another. It should be outlawed or at least ran like a roast. If you’re going to drag someone or somethings name through the mud. Or paint them in an inglorious light you should always have to end with something positive about them. Unless it’s truly evil what that person has done. In that case it brings me back to my original point. Give the entire picture not just the context you are framing.

Limit Monoculture. #260

We Need To Limit Monoculture And Cultivating A More Permaculture Society As Well As In Nature.

Monoculture is the cultivation of one crop. Which has become so pervasive in nature that it’s elements have stretched into the human condition. One crop, one business, one industry to dominate all others in a territory. In nature she sends an arsenal to combat this with viruses, “invasive species” (they are only invasive to the harvester), pest. And as the harvester fights back with pesicides and herbacides, debt financing and all other anti competitive policies. Worse and worse issues arise until the entire crop eventually dies off.


Nature was never meant for monocultures. It thrives with diversity and so do we humans. We see it time and time again. If you kill off competition, you kill off innovation, you kill off motivation and ultimate you kill off the industry or the species. We always fight nature for supremacy, we manipulate it to control it but nature has it’s arsenal too. We see this happening right before our eyes not only in nature with the novel coronavirus killing thousands of people.


We also see this in our financial system where it’s always a race to monopolize everything. Companies will take on debt for decades to undercut all other competition and when all other companies are gone and only one prevails it becomes susceptible to catastrophic failure and destruction of entire industries. And it then needs another power to save it with a bail out. Or it dies which sometimes you should just let it. Because forcing life into a dying industry does nothing to fix the underlying problem. Permacultures usually arises from the ashes. A more harmonic balance.

Monopolies and monocultures need to be broken up and diversified for the whole to survive. Think of areas of your life that you have monopolized, your work, relationships, housing, etc. And think of the catastrophic failures that arise when something goes awry in those personal monopolies we keep for ourselves.

Maybe we aren’t meant to be with just one person or live in just one place, work in just one job or industry our whole lives. Sometimes it works out just long enough but that’s the exception not the rule. Quite literally variety is the spice of life. There is a lot of truth to that statement. Apply everywhere you can in order to not kill off the organism.

Don’t Brace Yourself With The Ejector Seat Handle. #259.

What A Great Life Metaphor. As Well As Helpful Advice If You’re Ever Going To Fly In A Jet. Hand’s Off The Ejector Seat Handle.

In France a 64 year old man was lucky enough to be gifted a passenger flight on a fighter jet. If you don’t already know fighter jets are equipped with an ejector seat lever. In case the fighter pilot runs into fatal trouble and needs to escape as a last resort.

Now if you aren’t familiar with your surroundings you may mistake this as a common handle and when you hit our first maneuver. When those g forces are pushing and pulling against you. If your hand is on the escape lever you just might eject yourself from that situation. In this case the man ejected himself out on take off. He escaped before the journey even really started. And is that not one of the best metaphors through life?

A lot of us live life bracing ourselves on the figurative ejector seat handle. And when we come across any little discomfort or bumpy patch on the road of life. If life’s turns weigh on us more then normal we are so quick to pull that lever and escape. But in life, just like with flying, 99 percent of the time you will always land safely. It’s riskier to eject even though it feels like a safe escape. The adventure will get uncomfortable and tremendously scary at points. But we need release that firm hold on the ejector seat.

Sometimes it’s enjoyable to just be the passenger along for the ride. But for the most part we do need to pilot our own ship. Don’t be afraid to take your life into wild new terrain. Just keep your hand firmly on the yoke steering your vessel and off the ejector seat.

And if you choose to be a passenger you better educate yourself and know the ins and out of every possible inch of the ride you’re on and who’s driving it. Because even though you’re outsourcing your journey you still need to be acutely aware of your surroundings.

Choosing Happiness To Be Your Default Mode. How To Not Blow It #258.


Choose To Make Happiness Your Base. So When Change Comes You’ll Always Be Grounded In That State.

Far to often we believe we need a certain status, a certain person and certain net worth. The house on the lake, the fancy car, the dream job, whatever it may be. We tell ourselves as soon as we achieve it well have the happiness we’re chasing.

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

The Pursuit Of Happiness

One of the worst lines in the history books. It’s a misnomer to say the pursuit of happiness. That line should be removed from our psyche. It’s very insinuation is that you will always be chasing. Never obtaining. You have happiness right where you are. It’s as simple as choosing it.

Choose to make yourself your own best friend. Love yourself, grow comfortable with yourself. Take yourself out on adventures and experiences. Talk with your best friend. Work through the trappings of life together. Know that if you lose everything, if your entire world seems to crumble around. You will always have your best friend by your side. And that’s all you ever really need to be happy, just yourself.

Humans Are Resilient Creatures and Incredibly Adaptable.

When we’re stripped down to just the essentials. That is when we know we have all the options in the world at our disposal. Pure freedom. Happiness is even more easily obtained when their is nothing else to influence your decision.

Always remember to think in this way. I’m a happy person, I was happy before this (whatever it may be) came into my life, I will be happy with it in my life. And I will be happy if it chooses to leave my life. We don’t need to chase happiness if its something that is always here. I am happy just to be in pursuit.

The Idiocy In The Statement Those Who Can’t Do Teach. How To Not Blow It #257

Those who can't do teach

It’s A Ridiculous Thing To Insinuate. Those Who Can’t Do Teach.

How in the world do you think those that “do” ever learned how to achieve their results? They were taught it. The teacher, the coach, the mentor, authors, they are the most important pieces to success of the doer. If anything those who teach know more on the subject than anyone they are teaching. There is absolutely no validity to saying those who can’t do teach.

Those who can't do teach
Photo by Kristina Paparo on Unsplash

Often those who “do” it best. Those who had the benefit of learning from the greatest teachers. It’s those students who later go on to becoming some of the best teachers themselves. They mentor those who come after them, to give back.

Knowledge is passed down generation to generation. Teaching is a passion and a gift. Never bite the hand that feeds you with statements like these.

Throughout history we have always had systems of master and apprentice. Often the master is doing and teaching and that is how most teachers came to be. They were doers first and intricately studied that which they teach.

We Should Be So Lucky To Be Blessed With A Good Teacher.

As the saying goes when the student is ready the teacher will appear. They are of utmost importance.

The only place those who can’t do teach has any relevancy is in sports. Where physical attributes may not have blessed upon the teacher. And or they have aged beyond their prime. Yet they know the ins and outs of the sport they teach far better then any person on the field.

It’s a Complete Asinine Statement To Say Those Who Can’t Do Teach.

Not really sure who in the world it ever got started. A better statement is, those who can’t do and never want to learn use statements like that those who can’t do teach.

Thank your teachers, never put them down. Never diminish their achievements. For they often know far more then you in whatever area you may be insulting them in.

Giving Too Much Power To A Provider. Avoiding Blowing It #256.


Never Give Up All Of Yourself Just Because Someone Or Something Acts As Your Provider.

If there was a handbook on abuse one of the chapters would be about being the provider. Provider equals power. I will say it is a wonderful thing to provide for the ones you love. We should always strive to do such as our gift to them. It’s a whole other thing when you do it out of manipulation.

We Rely So Much On Others Providing For Us.

How we’ll say in abusive relationships because of it or we’ll leave loving ones because they hadn’t provided enough. It’s one of the many reasons slavery lasted so long and why it still happens around the world today. If you provide someone with just enough and eliminate all other options or if options are sparse, you are able to control.


Preying on someone who thinks they have limited options is the same thing. It’s why sociopaths and psychopaths can be successful. They prey on others weakness and if you think you need someone else to take care of you they’ll sniff that out.

Bingo The Trap Is Set.

I over heard a married couple talking the other day. Playfully joking about divorce. And the wife said are you kidding me? I could never leave him. Do you think I can afford all this on my own? Referring to their lifestyle and housing. And bingo there it was. She is trapped. They are actually pretty happy together but if he really wanted to push it he could because she has already admitted she has nowhere to go. The provider sometimes creates the invisible prison that some can never escape from.

On the flip side of that many will leave those they love if they lose the provider status. Watch how fast a marriage can crumble when the provider is laid off. It’s treated as some unspoken rule. I’ll love you as long as you provide for me is the thought process. Which is another form of abuse except no one ever sees it that way. But it is this mentality of I’ll provide you with love as long as you provide me with security. It’s just as controlling. Blame tends to always fall on the financial provider yet its the love provider who does the real damage.

After basic human needs are met food, clothing and shelter what else really is there? Learn to provide that much for yourself at all times so you are never reliant on another. Own your own independence. Just remember only when you’re providing work for another should you expect a return. If you are providing for your loved ones, do it out of love, don’t always expect something in return. And always provide love without perimeters as well. Lastly don’t take advantage of someone’s good nature and generosity if they choose to be a provider.

Financial Repercussions Of Coronavirus. Avoiding Blowing It #255.

Financial Repercussions of Coronavirus

With Many Jobs And Events Forcing To Close. There Will Be Major Financial Repercussions Of Coronavirus.

Financial repercussions of coronavirus
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

It’s all fine and dandy for those who work in industries they can have their employees work remotely. They actually are having a lovely little paid vacation. No commute just work on your task from home, it’s wonderful. Their financial repercussions of coronavirus will be minimal.

State workers and teachers will have state benefits look after them and many classes can simply move to online.

But those who actually have to get out and earn their living through a physical presence at their place of employment will suffer most.

The Bills Are Not Taking a Vacation.

As much as we would all love to put life on hold hunker down till this all passes we simply can’t.

Unless there is some mandate that suspends all expenses until the virus passes. We all still have to earn our keep. What about the parents that still need to work and yet their children are out of school. How do they manage their households?

Its so easy for government to mandate closures but they are not taking into account the what the financial repercussion of the Coronavirus have on a micro level. That is what is going to do the most damage.

It’s an interesting time. Right now it all seems like quite the over reaction. It’s a strain of flu that has a 2% mortality rate and that’s mostly amongst elderly people.

However, in researching what the Spanish flu of 1918 did. You can get yourself a little worried.

In a similar vein it came on around March with near identical affect. Targeting mostly the elderly. But by the next fall the strain had morphed into a far deadlier version of itself and began killing at will healthy young individuals by the millions. So it’s not really the first wave that creates the cause for an all out panic.

We also have to understand this was 1918 technology has far surpassed what is what then and I expect answers to come far faster then back then. But there are a lot more people now. And we have transportation systems that can take a virus all over the world in a matter of days if not hours.

What Can We Do?

I think a lot of the preemptive measures are on point but there are issues not addressed and that is mainly the financial ones. This may just be the virus that kills the poor since the wealthy can isolate themselves more. And the poor have to earn their living through mostly physical labor. The problem with that is it will still spread rapidly if not all citizens are looked after.

All we can do as individuals is practice impeccable hygiene avoid contact as much as possible. And if you’re sick stay at home.

We may have to find some side hustles in the meantime to cover our bills. I imagine if it gets bad enough maybe governments around the world will finally institute a universal basic income so necessities are covered. Because the financial repercussions of coronavirus, like the virus itself, is just getting started.