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Choosing Happiness To Be Your Default Mode. How To Not Blow It #258.

Choose To Make Happiness Your Base. So When Change Comes You’ll Always Be Grounded In That State.

Far to often we believe we need a certain status, a certain person and certain net worth. The house on the lake, the fancy car, the dream job, whatever it may be. We tell ourselves as soon as we achieve it well have the happiness we’re chasing.

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

The Pursuit Of Happiness

One of the worst lines in the history books. It’s a misnomer to say the pursuit of happiness. That line should be removed from our psyche. It’s very insinuation is that you will always be chasing. Never obtaining. You have happiness right where you are. It’s as simple as choosing it.

Choose to make yourself your own best friend. Love yourself, grow comfortable with yourself. Take yourself out on adventures and experiences. Talk with your best friend. Work through the trappings of life together. Know that if you lose everything, if your entire world seems to crumble around. You will always have your best friend by your side. And that’s all you ever really need to be happy, just yourself.

Humans Are Resilient Creatures and Incredibly Adaptable.

When we’re stripped down to just the essentials. That is when we know we have all the options in the world at our disposal. Pure freedom. Happiness is even more easily obtained when their is nothing else to influence your decision.

Always remember to think in this way. I’m a happy person, I was happy before this (whatever it may be) came into my life, I will be happy with it in my life. And I will be happy if it chooses to leave my life. We don’t need to chase happiness if its something that is always here. I am happy just to be in pursuit.