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Believing Time Travel To The Past Is Possible.

Time Travel Absolutely Can Not, Will Not, Has Not Ever Existed Or Will Ever Be Invented.

Sorry to have to be the one to destroy all science fiction movies, shows and books on the subject for over a millennia but this has to be addressed. And when you reach the end of this article, the rationale will leave you more inspired than anything time travel has to offer. This is not an argument for or against quantum theory or wormholes or anything scientific about the current understanding of time travel. We always think of time as a linear thing, of very pinpoint, direct causalities but it’s in fact infinitely exponential where everything affects everything else. And the simple truth of the matter is time only moves in one direction and always will. Which is the way natural laws protect us from ourselves.

In order to explain this best, I have to use an old example. In this thought experiment, we’ll theoretically go back in time from your existence. First, let’s get into an agreement. Would you agree with me that you have two parents a mother and a father? They don’t have to be good parents or in your life currently but did it not take two humans to create you? One male and one female? Yes? Ok good, we’ll start there. And for your parents, did they also need two individual parents to begin their lives, your grandparents? So your mom had two parents, and your dad had two parents. So four grandparents for you in total at this point. Now if we keep doing that every generation doubles the previous. 2 becomes 4. 4 becomes 8. 8 becomes 16. 32 then 64 then 128 and so on. And this pattern continues back through time. At that rate, it only takes 30 generations to reach 1 billion great (to the power of 30) grandparents. Let’s say the average age of having children is 25. So with that rough average, 30 times 25 is only 750. Theoretically, in this example by the time we reach 750 years ago you will have had 1 billion grandparents in that time.

On top of that, they say the odds of you even being born is 1 in 400 trillion. That means every single one of those billion great-grandparents had the same odds. That is simply astronomical to fathom. Babies, although they make it seem easy to have in movies are incredibly difficult to bring into the world. First, you need that second person, which, all meetings throughout life are about timing and chance. Miss the bus, late for coffee, stuck in traffic. Anything and everything, all of it has a ripple effect that over time grows into a tsunami of change for future events. With just a bump, or a smell, or a conversation, all of it can knock you off any given trajectory and you might miss out on that chance encounter that could lead to finding that partner. Or that delay could lead to meeting them in the first place. Even still the web of encounters we have on a daily basis are constantly changing our timelines and in turn we change the timelines of everyone we interact with around us as well. Just reading this article is changing yours now. And nothing is passive either, ideas change decision-making down the road as well. So back to birth, once you find that other person, again your timing is everything the “right” sperm has to reach the “right” egg at the perfect moment in time. Ovulation the small window of time a woman can get pregnant every month is at best only 5 days out of the month but usually only 2 to 3 days. Miss that window the child doesn’t exist and its on to the next month and a totally different child. Then out of the billions of sperm only one reaches the egg which dictates so many traits that child has for life. That means temperature, diet, moisture and again most importantly timing all play a role. Any difference in that sequence, you could have a boy instead of a girl, a child who is unhealthy as opposed to a healthy one. Everything contributes to everything else. The resources that we all need to grow, come from the universe around us. So we’re always borrowing and exchanging with plants, animals and other people alike. Right down to the molecules of water, oxygen, carbon etc. all are burrowed and that which is in use can’t be taken in by another. So in effect, we share what we need to survive.

But here’s where it starts to get really cool. Since everything is so interconnected, we are literally changing the world with every step we take. You don’t have to be a titan of industry, or a Bill Gates to change the world. Simply walking, or driving, or talking with a friend is doing it. Some things seem more profound and have a greater impact in your life, some that you can see it in real-time for instance. Like if your significant other breaks up with you but you go out and meet the person of your dreams and have a beautiful family or even a miscarriage that eventually leads the next healthy beautiful child you might have. That child wouldn’t exist without the previous loss and that family wouldn’t happen without the breakup. So you literally have to give thanks to that breakup or the bad things that happen along the way to the good because without it the life you have wouldn’t exist.

It’s such a great concept in life. We are constantly experiencing peaks and valleys. Great times and hard times. But when your standing on the peak you have to look back and thank the valley, for had it not happened you would be on a completely different path and not on that particular peak. Birth and the life it gives is the ultimate peak, so just the same as with your own life, you have to look back through time and be grateful for all the peaks and valleys throughout history because they all contributed to your existence. Earthquakes, famine, atrocities, victories, defeats, wars, celebrations, births, and deaths. Everything contributed to all those perfectly timed chance encounters and if you try to move one single card in this giant house of cards the world as we know it, doesn’t exist, you don’t exist. So back to time travel. If you had this mythical time travel machine and went back 750 years and you simply bumped into one other person and you slightly alter their timeline that day. That small act compounds massively over time. And just by going back in time you effectively remove yourself from existence, so you never are around to actually go back in time. As a quick example say that small bump makes them slightly late to dinner and upsets the man’s wife who decides they don’t share the bed that evening. So the child they might have had doesn’t happen that night. and every single encounter that child had and the connections they made and the relationships they had and influenced don’t happen and the snowball builds and builds till you rearranged the entire world. You simply can not remove or mess with anything in time because it is all interconnected.

Not Celebrating Our Birthdays.

Celebration Of Our Birthday's

We should Always Celebrate Our Birthdays No Matter How Small The Celebration May Be.

Celebration Of Our Birthday's
Celebration Of Our Birthday’s

It just so happens to be my birthday today. And for the past several years I haven’t put too much emphasis on the day. I always told myself when you get to a certain age birthdays are no longer important. Something for children but not full-grown adults. Recently I realized how wrong that thinking was. We should celebrate our birthdays to the fullest each and every year. Shout it from the rooftops or have a quiet meditation about it. Just don’t let it slip past without being thankful for it.

We need to be thankful for this gift of another year on this earth. It helps to be thankful for each and every day. But on your birthday it’s special, another milestone hit in the miracle that is you. Think of how astronomically impossible it is for you to even have this gift of life, gift of existence. The confluence of so many chance encounters. It’s like hitting the lottery jackpot hundreds of times. First your parents needed to be born at just the perfect times for them to be able to meet. And same with your parent’s parent’s and so on down the line.

Winning The Many Lottery’s Of Creation.

On top of that, they needed to actually meet. And with billions of people living on this planet that is mind-boggling in and of itself. Perfect place, perfect time. Then they must take the actual actions for creation on the exact day of the exact month where you were conceived. That’s when the true luck of your life happened. It had to be the exact month of all history. One month before you don’t exist, one month after, the same thing, you never come to be. Then out of the millions of sperm cells, just one special one makes it to your mother’s ovum and gives life to you. If the wrong one gets there sooner you may not have the life you have. Then months of growth within your mother. Ideally in good health.

Then with each passing year, hundreds, if not thousands help to ensure your survival. From the parents to the teachers and babysitters. From the food supply systems and water distribution networks that give you easy access to nutrition and water. To the builders and family that puts a roof over your head. We are given so many gifts along the way that when we reach a milestone like that of our birthdays we must jump for joy. For we have been blessed with yet another year on this planet. So I say Happy Birthday to all, enjoy your special day.

Choosing Happiness To Be Your Default Mode. How To Not Blow It #258.


Choose To Make Happiness Your Base. So When Change Comes You’ll Always Be Grounded In That State.

Far to often we believe we need a certain status, a certain person and certain net worth. The house on the lake, the fancy car, the dream job, whatever it may be. We tell ourselves as soon as we achieve it well have the happiness we’re chasing.

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

The Pursuit Of Happiness

One of the worst lines in the history books. It’s a misnomer to say the pursuit of happiness. That line should be removed from our psyche. It’s very insinuation is that you will always be chasing. Never obtaining. You have happiness right where you are. It’s as simple as choosing it.

Choose to make yourself your own best friend. Love yourself, grow comfortable with yourself. Take yourself out on adventures and experiences. Talk with your best friend. Work through the trappings of life together. Know that if you lose everything, if your entire world seems to crumble around. You will always have your best friend by your side. And that’s all you ever really need to be happy, just yourself.

Humans Are Resilient Creatures and Incredibly Adaptable.

When we’re stripped down to just the essentials. That is when we know we have all the options in the world at our disposal. Pure freedom. Happiness is even more easily obtained when their is nothing else to influence your decision.

Always remember to think in this way. I’m a happy person, I was happy before this (whatever it may be) came into my life, I will be happy with it in my life. And I will be happy if it chooses to leave my life. We don’t need to chase happiness if its something that is always here. I am happy just to be in pursuit.

The Idiocy In The Statement Those Who Can’t Do Teach. How To Not Blow It #257

Those who can't do teach

It’s A Ridiculous Thing To Insinuate. Those Who Can’t Do Teach.

How in the world do you think those that “do” ever learned how to achieve their results? They were taught it. The teacher, the coach, the mentor, authors, they are the most important pieces to success of the doer. If anything those who teach know more on the subject than anyone they are teaching. There is absolutely no validity to saying those who can’t do teach.

Those who can't do teach
Photo by Kristina Paparo on Unsplash

Often those who “do” it best. Those who had the benefit of learning from the greatest teachers. It’s those students who later go on to becoming some of the best teachers themselves. They mentor those who come after them, to give back.

Knowledge is passed down generation to generation. Teaching is a passion and a gift. Never bite the hand that feeds you with statements like these.

Throughout history we have always had systems of master and apprentice. Often the master is doing and teaching and that is how most teachers came to be. They were doers first and intricately studied that which they teach.

We Should Be So Lucky To Be Blessed With A Good Teacher.

As the saying goes when the student is ready the teacher will appear. They are of utmost importance.

The only place those who can’t do teach has any relevancy is in sports. Where physical attributes may not have blessed upon the teacher. And or they have aged beyond their prime. Yet they know the ins and outs of the sport they teach far better then any person on the field.

It’s a Complete Asinine Statement To Say Those Who Can’t Do Teach.

Not really sure who in the world it ever got started. A better statement is, those who can’t do and never want to learn use statements like that those who can’t do teach.

Thank your teachers, never put them down. Never diminish their achievements. For they often know far more then you in whatever area you may be insulting them in.

Giving Too Much Power To A Provider. Avoiding Blowing It #256.


Never Give Up All Of Yourself Just Because Someone Or Something Acts As Your Provider.

If there was a handbook on abuse one of the chapters would be about being the provider. Provider equals power. I will say it is a wonderful thing to provide for the ones you love. We should always strive to do such as our gift to them. It’s a whole other thing when you do it out of manipulation.

We Rely So Much On Others Providing For Us.

How we’ll say in abusive relationships because of it or we’ll leave loving ones because they hadn’t provided enough. It’s one of the many reasons slavery lasted so long and why it still happens around the world today. If you provide someone with just enough and eliminate all other options or if options are sparse, you are able to control.


Preying on someone who thinks they have limited options is the same thing. It’s why sociopaths and psychopaths can be successful. They prey on others weakness and if you think you need someone else to take care of you they’ll sniff that out.

Bingo The Trap Is Set.

I over heard a married couple talking the other day. Playfully joking about divorce. And the wife said are you kidding me? I could never leave him. Do you think I can afford all this on my own? Referring to their lifestyle and housing. And bingo there it was. She is trapped. They are actually pretty happy together but if he really wanted to push it he could because she has already admitted she has nowhere to go. The provider sometimes creates the invisible prison that some can never escape from.

On the flip side of that many will leave those they love if they lose the provider status. Watch how fast a marriage can crumble when the provider is laid off. It’s treated as some unspoken rule. I’ll love you as long as you provide for me is the thought process. Which is another form of abuse except no one ever sees it that way. But it is this mentality of I’ll provide you with love as long as you provide me with security. It’s just as controlling. Blame tends to always fall on the financial provider yet its the love provider who does the real damage.

After basic human needs are met food, clothing and shelter what else really is there? Learn to provide that much for yourself at all times so you are never reliant on another. Own your own independence. Just remember only when you’re providing work for another should you expect a return. If you are providing for your loved ones, do it out of love, don’t always expect something in return. And always provide love without perimeters as well. Lastly don’t take advantage of someone’s good nature and generosity if they choose to be a provider.

Financial Repercussions Of Coronavirus. Avoiding Blowing It #255.

Financial Repercussions of Coronavirus

With Many Jobs And Events Forcing To Close. There Will Be Major Financial Repercussions Of Coronavirus.

Financial repercussions of coronavirus
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

It’s all fine and dandy for those who work in industries they can have their employees work remotely. They actually are having a lovely little paid vacation. No commute just work on your task from home, it’s wonderful. Their financial repercussions of coronavirus will be minimal.

State workers and teachers will have state benefits look after them and many classes can simply move to online.

But those who actually have to get out and earn their living through a physical presence at their place of employment will suffer most.

The Bills Are Not Taking a Vacation.

As much as we would all love to put life on hold hunker down till this all passes we simply can’t.

Unless there is some mandate that suspends all expenses until the virus passes. We all still have to earn our keep. What about the parents that still need to work and yet their children are out of school. How do they manage their households?

Its so easy for government to mandate closures but they are not taking into account the what the financial repercussion of the Coronavirus have on a micro level. That is what is going to do the most damage.

It’s an interesting time. Right now it all seems like quite the over reaction. It’s a strain of flu that has a 2% mortality rate and that’s mostly amongst elderly people.

However, in researching what the Spanish flu of 1918 did. You can get yourself a little worried.

In a similar vein it came on around March with near identical affect. Targeting mostly the elderly. But by the next fall the strain had morphed into a far deadlier version of itself and began killing at will healthy young individuals by the millions. So it’s not really the first wave that creates the cause for an all out panic.

We also have to understand this was 1918 technology has far surpassed what is what then and I expect answers to come far faster then back then. But there are a lot more people now. And we have transportation systems that can take a virus all over the world in a matter of days if not hours.

What Can We Do?

I think a lot of the preemptive measures are on point but there are issues not addressed and that is mainly the financial ones. This may just be the virus that kills the poor since the wealthy can isolate themselves more. And the poor have to earn their living through mostly physical labor. The problem with that is it will still spread rapidly if not all citizens are looked after.

All we can do as individuals is practice impeccable hygiene avoid contact as much as possible. And if you’re sick stay at home.

We may have to find some side hustles in the meantime to cover our bills. I imagine if it gets bad enough maybe governments around the world will finally institute a universal basic income so necessities are covered. Because the financial repercussions of coronavirus, like the virus itself, is just getting started.

Not Proving Doubters Wrong. Avoiding Blowing It #254.

Proving Doubters Wrong

Proving Doubters Wrong Is One, If Not Thee Best Source Of Motivation.

It’s what pushes you to that next level. You hear it all the time in professional sports. Championship teams love their underdog status. They love proving doubters wrong.

Doubt me?

Okay I’m going to play better then you ever expected. My mission is to prove your assessment of my abilities was so far off base. That you will pay for such a thought. I will go so much farther then you ever thought I could. That will show you. You completely misjudged me.

Proving Doubters Wrong

This is the thought process of some of the elites among us. No one gives us more motivation then the doubters.

It’s the people that challenge us the most that push us far beyond what we might have thought we were capable of. Or we may have thought we were capable of it but just needed that little extra push.

It’s another log to fuel the fire.

Recently a basketball player who had his best night of the season. In his post game interview he thanked a tweet from someone he had never met. Because that person said it looked like he lost the fire in his eye for the game of basketball. These moments are all around us.

Use doubt as a motivator. Find someone or something anything that represents their doubt and reminds you of that fire burning inside you. And use it to just keep adding logs to that growing fire inside.

Welcome their disrespect with open arms. If someone tells you it can’t be done. That is when turn on the jets and show them it can be and you will.

Never give in to what negative beliefs others may have of you. Prove to those doubters that they just made the biggest mistake of their lives betting against you.

Putting Dry Ice In A Swimming Pool. Avoiding Blowing It #253

Dry Ice

Dry Ice Is Pure Carbon Dioxide. First Breath Knocks You Unconscious, Second Kills You.

Over the weekend at a party in Moscow. A few people thought it would be a good idea to put dry ice in a swimming pool. If you ever witnessed dry ices smokey vapor billow from it’s interaction with a glass of water. You would deem it’s cool looking science. You could unwittingly surmise that it would be much cooler on a grander scale. I believe that thought may have crossed the minds of the party goers in Moscow. And three people died because of it.

Dry Ice

If you have ever worked around CO2 you know that it is a very dangerous gas. In a brewery for instance you’re taught never to put your head into a fermenter or bright tank if CO2 could be present. There are CO2 detectors all through out the brewery. Why? Because CO2 is so deadly. As the saying goes the first breathe will knock you unconscious and the second will kill you. Carbon Dioxide is heavier than air so it settles to ground level. So when you do ultimately pass out you’re blanketed by the gas once on the floor.

So if you put it in a pool right where your head bobs out is a thick layer of deadly gas. Just small breathe of it is like a punch to the face if you can survive the knock out blow. Get out of there immediately. A pool is actually a multiplier of the danger. You hold your breath to go under water when you come up the first thing you want to do is take a big breathe and bam like that you’re unconscious. Hard for anyone to save you because you would need a oxygen tank just to breathe while exerting yourself in that environment. Others would parish too without it if they tried to jump into to the pool to grab others.

Just err on the side of caution. If you want a smokey pool rent a smoke machine. And take gases very seriously if you don’t know how they affect the body don’t use them. The fact that you have to be 18 to purchase dry ice should signify the dangers but maybe we need even more warning labels.

Not Asking For Help. Avoiding Blowing It #252

Asking For Help

Asking For Help Gets You An Extra Set Of Eyes And A Whole New Perspective On Problems You Might Have Had Trouble Solving.

Asking For Help

Self reliance is one of the most valuable skills you can develop. To be able to be accountable and reliable in all situations you are put into is always the goal. Sometime we just can’t do everything though. And asking for help is not a bad thing. It shows character and maturity. When we reach our limitations we need to ask for help. And the beauty of it is when you receive that help. You elevate your understanding to a new level. That sets your limitation bar that much higher for the next time you come across similar problems.

If you’re having difficulty in a relationship and your communication keeps leading you back to the same problem. Go and get a third party administrator, a counselor, or an impartial friend or family member. Someone who is going to give you new perspective on an old problem as well as a new way to look at it and the best solution to recover from it. It’s very important to seek help in these situations.

A Prime Example.

There was an incessant squeaking in my vehicle’s door. For weeks I thought it was in the handle. I took apart the handle piece by piece, greased it, taped it screwed it back on. And with each “fix” still more squeaking. Yet you could mess with the handle in a certain way and get the sound to stop. I was convinced it had to be the handle. So I would try “fixing” a different part of the handle still to no avail.

Finally I got someone to ride with me to get a second pair of eyes on it. What did we find out? Obviously it wasn’t the handle after all but the door panel itself and when you pulled on the handle it pressed against the panel to stop the noise. But my cognitive bias told me to keep focusing on the handle.

This is the problem we face all too often. We obsess over the wrong problem and it isn’t until we get fresh eyes to point out something so incredibly simple that your mind skipped over while you were looking in the complete wrong direction. That’s why asking for help is so important. How long do you want to be travelling in the wrong direction before you finally get the right answer? You may never find your way back if you wait too long.

The Momentum Diet. Avoiding Blowing It #251

The Momentum Diet

The Momentum Diet Is An Idea To Focus Strictly Gradually Building Momentum.

The Momentum Diet

Let’s call all diet or life change what it really is. And that is simply willing your body and mind into building momentum. The initial phase of the momentum diet is the most difficult but as you get going it gets easier and easier till you’re chugging along like a freight trains and and that point it becomes difficult to stop you.

The Momentum diet is about never breaking the chain. We have all heard the story of Jerry Seinfeld chain method. Get yourself calendar and day one when you start your change put a x through the date each consecutive day you do your intended change put another X through the date. Soon you’ll have a chain and a process.

The best way to build momentum is gradually at first. Work up to the monster goal so you don’t get overwhelmed. If you want to run a marathon and have never ran a day in your life you are not going to lace up your shoes and simply run 26.2 miles day one. You might start with one mile, then two and so and and so forth.

With a new diet you might cut out one food group first. Or you could start minimizing intake of that food group until you can fully cut it out. Maintain the plan and structure checkpoints to add a new challenge. And once you have that under control add the next, just never break the chain.

Remember it’s about building momentum don’t try to do everything at once. You don’t need cheat days if you do it gradually. Cheat days break the chain and if you tie enough of those together soon you have momentum going in the opposite direction for you.

I will say when something has taken full control of your mind as in the case with drugs and alcohol. Moderation quitting will not work. You have to commit fully to never touching the stuff again. This is your momentum it just comes with maximum force in the beginning. Know the harder the addiction the more work it will be. With that pain comes far deeper rewards.

Want to quit social media or unnecessary screen time? Set a timer. What can you limit yourself too in one day? Is it one hour, two, maybe three? Find a good starting point with a plan to continuously minimize. Many times it will feel uncomfortable at first. You’re breaking years sometimes decades of bad habits. But the best way to succeed is to focus on the momentum you are gaining.