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Not Asking For Help. Avoiding Blowing It #252

Asking For Help Gets You An Extra Set Of Eyes And A Whole New Perspective On Problems You Might Have Had Trouble Solving.

Asking For Help

Self reliance is one of the most valuable skills you can develop. To be able to be accountable and reliable in all situations you are put into is always the goal. Sometime we just can’t do everything though. And asking for help is not a bad thing. It shows character and maturity. When we reach our limitations we need to ask for help. And the beauty of it is when you receive that help. You elevate your understanding to a new level. That sets your limitation bar that much higher for the next time you come across similar problems.

If you’re having difficulty in a relationship and your communication keeps leading you back to the same problem. Go and get a third party administrator, a counselor, or an impartial friend or family member. Someone who is going to give you new perspective on an old problem as well as a new way to look at it and the best solution to recover from it. It’s very important to seek help in these situations.

A Prime Example.

There was an incessant squeaking in my vehicle’s door. For weeks I thought it was in the handle. I took apart the handle piece by piece, greased it, taped it screwed it back on. And with each “fix” still more squeaking. Yet you could mess with the handle in a certain way and get the sound to stop. I was convinced it had to be the handle. So I would try “fixing” a different part of the handle still to no avail.

Finally I got someone to ride with me to get a second pair of eyes on it. What did we find out? Obviously it wasn’t the handle after all but the door panel itself and when you pulled on the handle it pressed against the panel to stop the noise. But my cognitive bias told me to keep focusing on the handle.

This is the problem we face all too often. We obsess over the wrong problem and it isn’t until we get fresh eyes to point out something so incredibly simple that your mind skipped over while you were looking in the complete wrong direction. That’s why asking for help is so important. How long do you want to be travelling in the wrong direction before you finally get the right answer? You may never find your way back if you wait too long.