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Feeding Your Child Store-Bought Baby Food laden With Toxic Heavy Metals.

Most Store-Bought Baby Food Contain Dangerous Levels Of Toxic Heavy Metals.

Is that not insane? This all goes back to simply trusting the food manufacturers and believing what they put in our foods are safe even for the most fragile lives among us. Yet that trust is shattered when they poison babies with dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals in store-bought baby food. Just read this article from CNN.

Toxic Heavy Metals Baby Food

So many parents are unaware of this mass poisoning. And we would all stay blissfully ignorant to it, had congress not stepped in and conducted an investigation. It’s terrifying the ramifications that many children will have due to this criminal oversight. Yet I’m sure the purveyors of these companies won’t be punished. Which they should be to the full extent of the law.

These children who have ingested these high levels of toxic heavy metals in their food for years growing up. Could end up with all kind of health and developmental issues from cancer to neurodegenerative diseases. All from their parent’s trusted source of food. Parents who probably were none the wiser and thought they were doing good feeding their children from these sources.

Take Control of What We Feed Our children

This all comes back to one option. We have to take responsibility for feeding our own children. And not outsource it to large manufacturers who are poisoning our children. Sure it’s a little less convenient to have to make our own baby food but you have to consider the alternative. It’s an absolute no brainer if you know what you now know.

It’s really not that difficult either. Just buy the whole healthy organic fruits and vegetables you want to feed your child. Then feed those through a masticating juicer if your baby is allowed raw foods or steam and mash them if they can’t. Super simple and just might save a child’s life.