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Frequency Discrimination #266

How The Frequency We Operate Under Might Be The Cause Of Our Biases And Discrimination.

Ever feel completely in alignment within yourself or another person? You had an instant connection and you could feel it immediately. It’s a beautiful thing when it happens. I believe we all operate at different frequencies. As if our bodies are radio transmitters sending and receiving signals for others to pick up and receive. And when we harmonize frequency with another it’s magnetic, you feel the connection instantly.

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

But we’re not always in perfect synchronicity with the world around us. And when we aren’t, I think that can cause conflict within ourselves and the world around us. Anxiety and fear wells up and we disconnect, detach and ultimately discriminate against those not operating at the same frequency as us.

I would argue that this could be the basis for all discrimination. Of course people are different from you, but not all people that are different cause the same emotions every time. You could love and be best friends with people that look absolutely nothing like you. And at the same time be discriminate towards members of that persons family because they are on completely different wavelengths. It can happen within your own family.

All I’m saying is we protect our energy and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem comes when we can’t accept others having their own energy and frequency they operate at that is different from ours.

But here is the magic, we can influence and change others energy and frequency. By staying at a higher more positive level until they adapt to us. The down side of this fact is others can bring you down to their level as well if you don’t hold strong. Be aware of why and how others affect our energy but don’t let it destroy yours or cause such conflict. Be on the wavelength that others want ascend too. Always maintain the best possible frequency and bring others to your level, if they are not already there.