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Don’t Let Your Cup Be Too Full. Blowing It Discussion #269.

Always Fill Your Cup But Never Allow Your Cup To Be Too Full. Be A Larger Cup.

This is all metaphorical speak for don’t believe you have all the answers. Don’t shut yourself off to new thoughts and new beliefs. Don’t let your cup be too full with no space for more.

Information, ideas, thoughts, goals, dreams, habits are the elixir, you are the cup. When you reserve yourself to being full you leave yourself no space to expand nowhere to go physically emotionally mentally. You tell yourself that you have all the answers and no one and nothing left on this beautiful planet or in this beautiful planet has anything else for me. You slowly strangle and kill your life force.

I made a huge mistake recently.

I thought this exercise in writing on blowing it was to show people a direction on how to not blow it. So I tried to write these articles on and like a dear in headlights, I was stopped dead in my tracks just waiting for impact to kill off my dreams. What I failed to recognize is what gives me the right to claim I have all the answers. I don’t, my cup is not full, I’m learning everyday just like you.

Hopefully the struggles and mistakes I make and the struggles of others on this website help you avoid the same perils. But most importantly what I took away from myself when I tried to move to how to not blow it, was my permission to fail. And that is so powerful. When you think everything has to be right and perfect, you will never start. You need to give yourself permission to fail. That is where the progress is made.

You need to not believe you have all the answers and you can’t fail, that’s delusion. Blowing it is based on failing and getting back up and trying again. Not everything you do in life is going to be a home run but that’s okay you just have to keep stepping up to the plate. I took a long break from writing these post and it was the wrong move, I will continue to blow it along side you guys. and share the experience for others to improve upon.