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Not Putting Your Best Foot Forward. Avoiding Failure #237.

If You’re Going To Do Something Take Pride In That Effort And Put Your Best Foot Forward.

Over the weekend there was a heavyweight championship fight. It was a rematch of two fighters that had fought before. And in that first fight the heavy favorite was upset by the major underdog. Naturally there would be a rematch. And that’s exactly what took place this last weekend. However the underdog did not take pride in his work. He had reached the peak and now he was living on easy street. He did not put his best foot forward.

Best Foot Forward

Sure the years of toil in the gym afforded him the moment to bask in his accomplishments. But he knew he would have to defend the title. Since it was already a given that there would be this rematch. And he would make another windfall of money. Rather then put his best foot forward he instead chose to party with friends, over eat when he was already obese to begin with, adding an extra 15 pounds. I will say his strength and stamina at nearly 300 lbs is incredible. But he didn’t take it serious. He even admitted he under trained.

Why work to stay on top when you know the inevitable outcome? Maybe he thought he would his skills would carry him without improvements. Or maybe he knew he was the underdog and embraced it. The match did go to decision so he did go the distance with the champion. But when you show up out of shape you do a disservice to yourself and those who pay to see you perform at your best. That is not your best.

Now it’s set for a tie breaker match. And I’m sure he’ll work to improve to show he’s worthy of a third bout but why even go down that road when he clearly didn’t take it serious in the second. Why take him serious when he doesn’t do the same for himself? And that is exactly what happens when you don’t put your best foot forward. People move on from you and from your work. And when you reach that point it’s time to select new challengers and new challenges. Ones where you can invest yourself fully into and be at your best. Why get in a cycle of the same thing? Move on and move upward.