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Hiding Our Flaws. Avoiding Blowing It #238.

Say It, Show It, Love It. Never Hide From Your Flaws. They Make You Uniquely You.

Trying to be perfect all the time is an unnecessary stress that causes anxiety. It’s a mental health issue. How wonderful would it be if we were all a little more excepting of ourselves, flaws and all? If you think you have a flaw in some area, immerse yourself in exposing that area and banishing that concern.

Poor writer? start a blog. I did. Think you’re not gorgeous without make up. Go without it till your comfortable. Worried about flaws on your body take sexy photos, get naked more often. Go to a nude beach or public nude event where no one knows you or cares about your any of your “flaws.” A place where they’re exposing all of theirs as well. Chances are you’re the only person that sees it as a flaw. You can be liberated for your fears and worries. Character flaw? Change it if it’s problematic to others, if not, accept it. It’s part of you.


Some things you can change but it’s far more healthy to simply enjoy what you have. Sometimes you just have to let your freak flag fly loud and proud. Remember to not intrude on others when you do. Someone somewhere will always be offended by one thing or another. So if you come across those steer clear and find more supportive groups. Just enjoy your gifts no matter how quirky or different to some they might be. Be grateful for them.