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Deep Fakes. Avoiding Blowing It #239.

Soon The Internet Will Be Fully Awash In Deep Fakes And Even Deeper Lies. That We Won’t Be Able To Believe Anything That Comes From It.

Deep Fakes

Imagine a day where you might be a world famous actor or actress having never acted a day in your life. You might just cheaply sell your likeness to a production company that makes hit after hit with a computer generated model of you. You never make it to the big screen but deep fakes of you might. That is the direction we may be heading in.

We Should Copyright Our Image Now.

Soon we may have to copyright our own image as to require others to pay for the right to use it in any capacity. That means if a social media site wants to use your image for financial gain. Which is exactly what they do currently, with all the images we post for them. They would be than be required to pay you for that right. If you had a copyright of your personal image. I’m surprised we’re not there already.

We should be able to copyright ourselves. That way no one could ever use it without permission and or paying us. How is a face public domain? No photographer should have the right to take images of you without that permission and a cut of whatever they make on your face or body. Seems only natural to me.

Lyft Driver

Just recently a Lyft driver in a very unsuccessful attempt to be kind to a sick passenger in his car. Explaining that he and his wife just got over a cold themselves and they find essential oils useful to clear up nasal congestion. He offered her a napkin with peppermint oil.

Now anyone within five feet of that napkin could deduce that strong scent is peppermint. Yet this passenger assumed she was about to be drugged or something. And instead of giving the driver the benefit of the doubt and handing it back saying no thank you. She decided to blast his image all over social media claiming no one should ever except a ride from him, that he is a creep.

She should never be able to use this man’s image, let alone drag his name through the mud without a proper investigation. It’s slander and she may have taken away this man’s livelihood in the process. If you feel threatened, get the cops involved. Don’t simply try to ruin someone because you have followers. Either way it’s high time we take back control of our work, our image, our life and our bodies. No one else has the right to them.