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Not Legalizing Psychedelic Drugs Already. Avoiding Blowing It #240

It High Time We Legalize This Beneficial Treatment Of Psychedelic Drugs. Get High Time?

Psychedelic Drugs

I’ve never tried it myself but nearly a hundred years of research has proven time and again how beneficial psychedelic drugs can have upon the mind body and spirit. That research may even go back thousands of years when native cultures used them as part of their rituals. We would be much further ahead then we currently are. If western cultures didn’t frown so heavily on the use of these mind altering substances. And that is the key phrase mind altering. If your mind feels broken, sick or depressed these medicines can profoundly alter those states. Why wouldn’t we employ them?

You can not over dose on these medicines, they have nearly zero affect on anyone outside the user. It’s especially safe when using a trained guide or shaman. It’s almost as if they were made to partner with our minds. Now I know that’s a stretch to say but the evidence to its benefits are very apparent. Mushrooms, LSD, Peyote, Ayahuasca, MDMA. All considered psychedelic drugs yet hidden behind that title are so many effective treatments that we have over looked for years. Why? We send our minds into profound trips almost every single night with sleep. Why not be able to try that in a waking state? Where your conscious mind can meet your unconscious mind and find that blissful middle ground together.

Does the establishment worry these medicines can change individuals so profoundly that they need to maintain a schedule 1 drug rating on such substances? That people will turn on, tune in, and drop out of the structural mandates society places on us? Possibly. Or quite possibly and much more likely people get to heal from trauma. Heal from a broken place, a poor state of mind, a bad addiction. These medicines have the power to do that and I’m excited to see it’s a growing body of study. Soon to be used medically and hopefully one day recreationally for all who chose to expand their mind.