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Apologizing Because Of Backlash (Blowing It Scenario #143).

We All Know You Don’t Mean It. It’s A Forced Apology.

It’s sometimes hard to eat crow, having to swallow your pride and apologize isn’t always easy. Apologies can be a tough pill to swallow but when you know you’re in the wrong it’s always the right thing to do, even if it hurts. But all too often those who are in the wrong do not make an attempt to apologize until their remarks are brought to the attention of others and only when the perpetrator receives a massive backlash over the comments or actions they made. Only then will they relent on their unpopular opinion and apologize. However the damage is already done, you cannot unsay something. And when you say what you mean, you have to stick by your words, and if you can’t, don’t say them in the first place.

People speak their mind and that is a great thing that needs to be supported and encouraged. Also if it’s how you truly feel you should never relent, even if it means you will lose. Just know that you can lose. Lose friends, lose family, lose your job. It can happen, but it should not take these events to see the wrong in your ways of thought. Feel free to say the unpopular things, maybe you are at the forefront of a beneficial yet revolutionary movement that others have yet to catch on to. Or maybe your view is the right one at the wrong time.

Often times when people find out that they hold an incredibly loathed view point they’ll back step their initial stance and apologize for offending they party’s they are saying offensive things to. A true apology is one of regret and remorse and one that is followed by actions that are conducive to their new way of thinking. Empty apologies without those actions are void of feelings, void of character, void of empathy and have no real meaning. They’re empty words masquerading as an apology. No one benefits, the perpetrator feels forced to do it feelings unchanged and the victims feels that there was no sympathy. But yet you both have to except the results. You can only hope in the future that those who are in the wrong, be it either side, but usually it’s the side apologizing, learn from their mistakes and hopefully they don’t make the same ones in the future.

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