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Sleep Depravity (Blowing It Scenario #144).

Is This A Dream? Are We All Walking Through Life Half Awake Half Asleep? When We Have Too Much Going On In Life, Sleep Becomes The First Casualty.

As I write this my eyes burn from lack of sleep but not for a lack of effort. The days sometimes get busy and if you’re not careful they can tend to slip away from you. It’s 5 a.m. and if I don’t fall asleep by 8:30 p.m. I can kiss those eight hours goodbye. We often don’t take into account that we’re restless and awake at least one hour throughout the night. So we can’t, say, go to bed at 9, and wake at 5 and assume that we got our necessary sleep requirements. Who has the ability get to bed at these hours anyway?

Most of us have job and other work throughout the day, consider that at least 10 hours out of your day is spent at a job, with commute and lunch break it’s a reasonable assumption, maybe a little less time, maybe a little more, give or take. That leaves you with about 5 waking hours left to yourself and other curricular activities. Not taking into account dinner which can take hours, and if you have kids and they have activities, your time, that measly 5 hours, is now there’s. Maybe you want a little time with your significant other every night those hours add up too. Or if you’re working on building something like a side business or you have a hobby more hours. Maybe you want to get to the gym, the drive there and back adds up, along with the workout itself. Where do you find the time for that? It usually comes at the sacrifice of sleep, long after the children are asleep and the work is complete. So when you want to try to cut out a tiny sliver of time for yourself, you either have none or you’re relegated to slashing those extremely important, highly necessary sleep hours. To add to all this we have our technology that is a constant hindrance not only to our attention but also to our sleep, blasting us all day and into the evening, with alert inducing blue light beams. Light that never fully allows us to produce the much needed melatonin and serotonin necessary to fall asleep.

I have a friend who practically is sleepwalking through life. With a full time job, a wife and three kids who are very active in sports and school, he scarcely has any time to sleep let alone time for himself. Yet this is an incredibly common story in our society. We do not prioritize sleep enough anymore. But we certainly need to start.

Set bed times for everyone in your house hold. Disconnect from technology. Block out distracting light or noise. Have an evening routine that helps you wind down. Do the routine and go to sleep at the same time every evening. Keep the temperature in your room around 65 degrees. Keep the same wake time and if it changes, change up your evening routine as well to accommodate. Use natural aids in only essential situations don’t abuse any sleep remedies. Your body will do it naturally if you just train it too. With enough sleep you’re less irritable, happier, more alert, and more pleasant to be around. So whatever it takes we should get more sleep, we will all be better for it.

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