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Corporate Panhandling (Blowing It Scenario #142).

Supporting Charities Is A Noble And Worthy Gesture. However, Do You Ever Question Why Corporations Panhandle For Your Money When You Go To Purchase Your Items At Checkout?

Everywhere you shop now, as you pay for your groceries or whatever you’re currently shopping for, the checkout clerk will always asks you if you would like to donate your change or some other dollar denomination to this cause or that cause. It’s usually a very good charity that you’d want to support. And you are either forced to feel very uncomfortable, bordering on horrible for saying no or you give them money every single time you have to purchase something. They’ll use a just cause, like helping children or muscular dystrophy, to get your support. They’ll say, “Hey, would you to support children’s hospitals this afternoon.” And you’ll think absolutely, what a great thing you guys are doing collecting money for them. But are we so lazy or neglectful that we can’t choose charities on our own to support? Or is there a reason behind the scenes that these companies now panhandle for extra money? Could it be that they take your kind gesture of donation bundle it with all other helpful soul’s money and then donate it on behalf of the corporation? Offsetting cost and creating a massive tax write-off for the corporation. Could that possibly be why they ask for this money in the first place? Even your favorite websites do it now. Social media has set up a really easy way to donate and let individuals choose the cause and use social influence to ask for donations.

I love to believe in altruism. That everyone that supports those in need of help, or individuals who volunteer, or donate to charity do it for completely selflessness reasons. Knowing your contribution is helping another is a wonderful feeling. And we should never balk at the idea of lending a helping hand. This is not an article to say don’t give to charity, and if you find the easiest way to do so is at your grocery store when buying your groceries or while checking friends post your favorite social media, than by all means continue to do so.

What I’m advocating is we should all do our research when supporting any cause to see where that money is going and that it’s getting to the right people, those who you are actively trying to support. And you’re not just padding the pockets of wealthy corporations and their rich executives who are giving themselves inflated salaries in the name of nonprofit, and then in turn writing off taxes as charitable donations made on behalf of them. Also is it too much to ask to shop without feeling obligated to hand out more money at the end of your shopping experience? When we want to donate, we will donate we shouldn’t need the local checkout person to tell us to do so.

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