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Blowing It Scenario #38-Vaping.

Vaping may be more toxic then just good old fashioned smoking.

A study was recently released that vaping or e-cigarettes contained high levels of of toxic metals. Such as cadmium, chromium, lead magnesium, nickel and in some cases arsenic. Often times when knew technology comes out we sometimes think it must be safer then the alternative. I know a few friends who have kicked their smoking habit through vaping. They progressively diminished the amount of nicotine in their e-cigarettes till it was down to nothing. But the habit of the smoking action never completely left them they still continue to vape maybe with just a slightly less toxic vapor.

So it begs the question is it even a safer alternative. After further test it has been revealed that these toxic metals are coming form the devices themselves. The cheaply made heating coils within the vaporizer are leaching toxic metals into the vapor and these metal could lead to a whole slew of health issues down the road.

Hopefully they will soon create a better heating element because I for one am in support of others using e-cigarettes as an alternative. They can be used nearly anywhere, no nasty lingering smoke smell. No actual smoke that you force others to breathe in second hand. It a much more polite habit, if you were to have one. You don’t force everyone around you to partake in your vice.

Until then most smokers will be risking health issues that come with the injestion of toxic metals in aerosol form. Be that cancer, brain damage, or any other health ailment. I’m pretty sure most people that vape know that they are risking their health in some form or another. Even if you were inhaling just concentrated water vapor it’s still would not be a good pure product for you to fill your lungs with. Now add a bunch of chemicals and toxic metals and you have the making of a long term study on the effects on human health. And if your an early adopter of the tech, then you get to enjoy the status of a guinea pig.

As long as you have all the facts before hand and you can make an educated decision if you want to participate in this trail run, at the potential expense of your health, then by all means, it’s your body, vape away. However if you didn’t already know you may just want to give it a second thought.

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