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Blowing It Scenario #39-Childhood Obesity Rates Remain High.

We Continue To See High Childhood Obesity Rates With No Evidence Of Decline.

It was recently published in pediatrics magazine that we have made zero progress on decreasing the childhood obesity rate here in the U.S. This generations failures have got to make way for future generations success. At least that’s what we anticipated with the last. This information, I must admit, is absolutely no surprise to me. When children are being feed pizza at nearly every social activity they attend. Usually cake is there as well to round off the balanced meal. Sugary juice boxes and packaged snacks line their lunch boxes along with all other kinds over processed under nourishing foods.

Carbohydrates are the most popular filler. On account they’re cheap and easy and they are not as perishable as other healthier foods. All carbs eventually turn into sugar in the body. So kids are often being fed sugar upon sugar. It’s really no surprise that the diabetes rates amount children have skyrocketed. I believe it’s nearly 1 out every 4 children now have or will have diabetes by the time they hit their teenage years.

It really all falls on the parents shoulders to guide their children to the healthiest possible habits from a young age. Some parents may disagree but it shouldn’t be a democracy. 3 year olds and 5 year olds shouldn’t have a vote on what’s on their plates. If you absolutely feel like you need to give them candy or you feel they deserve it then just give them fresh fruit. Or if they want juice make it fresh yourself. Veggies should be the staple of all diets. I wish my parents forced me to eat more veggies growing up. I know how difficult kids can be when it comes to eating but if they’re never introduced to such bad foods they’ll never know that it’s something to crave. However you have to do it, we should be giving the best start to life possible and that begins with diet.

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