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Blowing It Scenario #40-Crony Capitalism On Full Display In Georgia.

Georgia Governor And Other Georgia Republicans Vow To Cut Tax Breaks To Delta Airlines If They Don’t Reinstate NRA Benefits.

We hear about crony capitalism all the time but we rarely get to watch it on full display in the public eye. The Georgia Governor have vowed to pull tax breaks to delta airlines which is based in Atlanta. If they don’t reinstate NRA flight benefits. Let’s take a wild guess who has funded his election? I can only speculate but it would be amazing to me if the NRA wasn’t involved in some form or NRA linked companies.

This is the problem with the Citizen United, Supreme Court ruling. Corporation are not people and yet we classified them as such and now they are allowed unlimited spending on campaigns which inevitably leads to corrupt politicians who look to only benefit their own supporters. Talk about picking winners and losers. The Georgia Governor is literally doing just that. That is not the free market at all. This is precisely why corporate money needs to be removed from elections. We’re a government that is supposed to be for the people, by the people. Corporations are not the people. Granted maybe most of his constituents are gun toting NRA supporters and member. Even if that is true, regardless of that fact he still trying to dictate the market. Government dictating and controlling business is a dictatorship and when a corporations dictate government it’s called crony capitalism. Neither of which are desired by the people. Yet, it’s what politics has become.

Politicians think and act in a way that says, “I’ll support what’s supporting me,” and that task usually goes to the highest bidder. Not your regular old every day citizen. It’s that billion dollar corporation with unlimited funds, that has it’s own agenda, nonadjacent to the people but with the same rights as the people. That’s who’s going to get the attention of the politician. Weird how that all works. I’m sure it was probably an act of crony capitalism that brought Delta to Atlanta in the first place. And Now it’s the same crony capitalism that may dictate their business model in the future. All because another corporate backed entity says so. We as citizens need to find a way to get the power back and the first step would be to over turn Citizens United. Because the over abundance of money in politics has been flowing to both political parties, and the more it does, the divide continues to grow larger. And with that great divide the more it seems neither party tends to have the public’s best interest in mind most of the time. Hopefully we can begin to change that, because whatever this is, it’s definitely not for the people by the people.

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