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Passive Action. Avoiding Failure #231.

People Want Passive Income, But Income Takes Action To Generate. And Passive Action Is An Oxymoron.

Two words that fundamentally do not go together are passive action. Some things definitely take more action than others. But no matter what you do you have to put in work consistently. While there are definitely examples of work becoming more passive after massive effort. The fact remains if they stay passive they will begin the process of atrophy. Than wither and decay and eventually die.

And that is the case with all things passive. They eventually die. If you don’t continually put in effort in some way you are signing that death certificate. Be it in business or relationships or housing or your body. There can never be full passivity. So why even strive for it?

I believe this one fact is why we have such catastrophic failures in our marriages today. People often quickly switch to a passive approach to the relationship as soon as those marriage papers are signed. When the real work is supposed to be just beginning.

Same goes for the wantreprenuer businesses of today the real work begins after the idea, after it’s the business is setup. Once the clients begin coming in. That’s the time to work even harder. Its simply another relationship to cultivate and you don’t want to let it atrophy.

As a matter a fact everything we do is a relationship to something. You have a personal relationship to your body, mind, spirit, and an external relationship to the outside world around you. To people, to money, to experiences. And you can not be passive about any of it.

Passive action
Photo by Simon Fitall on Unsplash

Progress is what the goal should be. Even when you reach that mountain top. Know that passive action didn’t get you there. Celebrate the victory but know you still need to get to the bottom alive and falling a sleep while you sled down is simply not an option. Well it is an option but good luck with that. That is a passive approach. The descent is technical and demanding it takes even more work sometimes and when you reach safety, plan for the next peak. So instead of striving to reach passivity. Strive to have the strength to except more challenges into your life. And know with each one you’ll become stronger while you fly past the passive observers.