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Unwillingness To Humble Yourself In Life’s Defeats. Avoiding Failure #232.

When Life Knocks You Down, Humble Yourself. Than Get Back Either Stronger Or In A Different Capacity.

You could say Michael Jordan would never humble himself. He was the consummate champion. It would take off his winning edge. Sure that’s true when your the best. But he had to humble himself when he played baseball. He realized he would never be as great as he was in basketball and came back to the sport where he needn’t be humbled again until the end of his playing days.

When he was with the Wizards, as the sun was setting on his illustrious career he was humbled again then as well. Though I’m sure he would never admit it. But he came back and continued his competitive spirit in a different capacity. He purchased a basketball team. And the work will never be complete with that endeavor. Businesses can last much longer then the body can hold up in some cases.

Businesses, relationships, and ideas all end too. And in those instances you will need to humble yourself and pivot to a role better suited. Be it a different business, relationship, or idea all together. Or simply changing the structure of the current model you are in.

We see it in sports all the time. Its a perfect model of this in action. As a player ages and their body can no longer keep up with what their mind thinks they’re capable of. Or they refuse to adapt, as their environment changes. They will quickly be left behind without change. But those who humble themselves and assimilate into a team role they may not always think suits their talent. Will often thrive when they take out their ego and play in that new capacity.

Humble Yourself
Photo by Alex Loup on Unsplash

How To Not Blow It Solution.

So if you find that you may have reached your peak, first work harder to make sure you have hit that limit. And if you find you can go no further. Humble yourself, eat a slice of that pie. Reexamine your strengths, and plan out a new strategy of attack. Then implement it with fierce dedication until success is again achieved.