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Not Taking Into Account Everyone Is Different. Avoiding Failure #235

Everyone Is Different In So Many Ways We Need To Avoid The One Size Fits All Solutions.

Everyone is different. Different mental wiring, different body compositions, complexions, biome, genetic make up. No two people are exactly alike. So why do we try to solve problems like everyone is the same?

Self Help

The self help guru peddling his self help porn will say do these affirmations just think it, wish it, want it, and achieve it. Which most definitely works for some. But for some it creates animosity to the life they live and if you destroy the life you have in chase of what you think you want. Only to find you were happiest where you were then you failed yourself because you didn’t truly know yourself. Just because you want something doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get it.

Body Dependence

A non drinker will say to the alcoholic just stop drinking. I can, why can’t you? We take in no account that the physiology of the two could be drastically different. While one created a dependence the other abstained and their bodies went to work in different directions. Not only the physiology but the brain wiring is completely different as well.

It’s also why no diet has the same exact effect on each person that tries it. While some may get in the best shape of their life others may feel ill and depleted.


People will teach high price classes and use the success stories of a few to show that it works. They never display the people who took the class did everything exactly how it was taught and still didn’t manage to find success. If the system worked for some it’s destined to work for all right? But It’s because everyone is so different that even hidden in the subtleties of our actions hides the micro adjustments that some make and others do not. Actions that could never be perfectly duplicated.


Everyone Is Different
Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

It’s why two people walking the exact same path can see the road so vastly different. One sees a miserable hellscape, an arduous journey through perilous terrain. While the other sees a beautiful sunshiny trail through epic luscious foliage with birds chirping and happy honey bees buzzing. Not only is everyone’s environment different, the way everyone views that environment is different as well. It’s just difficult to say do this and you will achieve that.

Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs. These archetypes of massive success are wired differently then the rest. And that’s okay. Each one of them is drastically different from the other in many ways too. Maybe you’re not a titan of industry and that’s alright. But maybe you want to be that’s okay too. Hopefully you have the correct make up for it.

Embrace The Real You.

Sometimes we try as we might and our outcomes are just different from the rest. Or what we feel the rest achieved along that same path. But rather than be upset or jealous of others experiences or successes. Stop looking over your neighbors fence at there perfectly manicured lawn and just start doing whatever you want to yours. Plant a small forest, build some out buildings, add livestock. Make it exclusively yours with an individual touch only you could derive.

Just know that everyone’s journey and experience in life is unique. Rather then dwell on what you don’t have. Embrace who you truly are, find your individual strengths. Always be in search of what makes you you. Self reflect. It’s better to know oneself and cultivate that, then spend a lifetime chasing someone else’s ideal.