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Justifiable Inaction. Avoiding Failure #234

A Lack Of Actions Assisted By Excuses. Avoid Justifiable Inaction.

Essentially it’s just us making excuses to not do something. Absence of action can never truly be justified. Accountability will override justifiable inaction every time. Easy is making excuses not to do something. I could not for the life of me find anything to write about today. Sometimes you just can’t find fault in things. It would have been easy to say since I can’t find anything to discuss I’ll do nothing at all and go do absolutely nothing. My answer was in the possibility of inaction. Always search for answers to combat listlessness.

Being committed to a driven purpose can counter any notions of your desire for inaction. However when you have no mission you can easily flounder. Not only will you get comfortable and used to inaction but what little action you contribute will be vastly ineffective. Stay in motion and believe you are contributing and you soon will.

Another option, rather than toil away on a dead end. Would be to create new paths of action. If you can’t find an action to be accomplished in your current environment change the paradigm. If I couldn’t find anything to write about I could work on upgrading the website or work on another project all together. I could read educational material to build a mental model for future discussions.

There is an absolute endless supply of possibilities one can occupy their time with. Choose the ones that will push you forward and benefit others in the process. Laying around doing nothing is an activity but not one of any action or any benefit. Add creative thought or meditation and sitting around becomes a positive. No lack of action is quite justifiable.