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Blowing It Scenario #84-Guru And Hero Worship.

Don’t Be A Follower.

Be your own guru, your own hero. Make your path righteous but not cause your told to by another individual. Do it out of your own free will. A lot of news stories have recently come out about sex cults and other gurus. Multiple documentaries about cults have been released on Netflix. A former celebrity has been recruiting sex slaves for for her cult leader. A religious guru in India was sentenced to life for having sex with a sixteen year old. This guru apparently had millions of followers. Also it should be stated, when I say be your own guru, that’s not to say start a cult either. Most leaders are one part psychopath, one part sociopath, and the rest pure narcissist. It’s all built for their own self-aggrandizement. It seems so many want to be the sheep, following the heard to the slaughter house, no questions asked along the route.

Before fully committing to anything we should be asking those tough questions. Where is this leading me? What do others stand to gain from my participation? How did this group come to be? Why do people leave? What are the negatives? What is the leaders back ground? Where did they come from? Are they pedophiles? Do they want my body for purposes beyond a helpful hand? How much money do they want from me? How much of me do they truly want? If it’s all of you, run in the other direction. Some of these cults can have very serious and disastrous endings. Heavens Gate, The people’s temple. Hundreds, and in some cases throughout history, thousands have committed suicide because their leader instructed them to. Or worse, inflicted acts of violence, maimed or killed others in the name of their leader.

Most religions are pure of heart and usually have only the highest intentions for themselves and others. They are mostly based off the same set of principles just told through a different lens. Those principle when applied can be very constructive and good for the world around you. However peace can sometimes a casualty to the greater statement of, I am right and you are wrong.

Their is absolutely nothing wrong with following a religion, you get a sense of community, of family, of love. You feel as if you have hundreds, if not thousands, and in some case millions of other people are in this with you and they all have your back. You feel closer to your god. And that, I imagine, is the exact same draw to cults. A strong sense of family, as if something was missing in your life and now you found a home in this new community. Which if you feel that is necessary in your life and you are causing no harm to others and your not neglecting true family or passing judgment on others who are not following your path, than by all means join up.

We’re taught from a very early age the system of the sheep, we’re told to stay within the lines, we play games like follow the leader. There is a very specific path and system engineered for us and we told we must follow it in order to do right by the worlds standards. A perfectly choreographed dance of, go to school, go to college, get a job, get a spouse, get a house, have kids, save money, grow old and die. Rinse and repeat. Just stay within the lines and you’ll be fine. It’s all a load of crap that we’ve all bought into. It’s funny how often you will get reprimanded by others when you don’t follow this path. Break free of this control, be your own guru to yourself. Follow your own compass, don’t give someone else that level of meaning in your life. Don’t give someone or some entity all your power. Control what you can control and be good to others.

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