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Not Legalizing Psychedelic Drugs Already. Avoiding Blowing It #240

It High Time We Legalize This Beneficial Treatment Of Psychedelic Drugs. Get High Time?

Psychedelic Drugs

I’ve never tried it myself but nearly a hundred years of research has proven time and again how beneficial psychedelic drugs can have upon the mind body and spirit. That research may even go back thousands of years when native cultures used them as part of their rituals. We would be much further ahead then we currently are. If western cultures didn’t frown so heavily on the use of these mind altering substances. And that is the key phrase mind altering. If your mind feels broken, sick or depressed these medicines can profoundly alter those states. Why wouldn’t we employ them?

You can not over dose on these medicines, they have nearly zero affect on anyone outside the user. It’s especially safe when using a trained guide or shaman. It’s almost as if they were made to partner with our minds. Now I know that’s a stretch to say but the evidence to its benefits are very apparent. Mushrooms, LSD, Peyote, Ayahuasca, MDMA. All considered psychedelic drugs yet hidden behind that title are so many effective treatments that we have over looked for years. Why? We send our minds into profound trips almost every single night with sleep. Why not be able to try that in a waking state? Where your conscious mind can meet your unconscious mind and find that blissful middle ground together.

Does the establishment worry these medicines can change individuals so profoundly that they need to maintain a schedule 1 drug rating on such substances? That people will turn on, tune in, and drop out of the structural mandates society places on us? Possibly. Or quite possibly and much more likely people get to heal from trauma. Heal from a broken place, a poor state of mind, a bad addiction. These medicines have the power to do that and I’m excited to see it’s a growing body of study. Soon to be used medically and hopefully one day recreationally for all who chose to expand their mind.

Elevated Stress Levels. Avoiding Failure #233.


When Tempers Increase And Stress Levels Rise. That’s The Time To Become The Calm. Decrease And Defuse Rather Than Elevate With It.

Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash

Breathe deep for this will being a trying exercise of patience. But breath work can be the strongest weapon against the rise of stress. Sometimes the hardest thing in a escalated field of this negative energy can be the come down. More often then not we tend to continue the escalation and pass it on to others who might in turn pass it on to even more. And so the chain will grow unless you decide to not give into that energy and be the strength and calm healing energy that will end the cycle and restore peaceful homeostasis to your environment.

It is not always accomplished in the environment you are currently in either. Sometimes we just need to step away, find solitude, and count our blessing. To find our happy place of gratitude. And most importantly breathe deep. If we can’t step away, focus on your breathing. Count long inhales and longer exhales.

Escape within your mind to a peaceful place. And radiate that inner world to your outer world. And watch as the wave of calm energy overtakes that which was once a heightened sense of anger fear frustration and stress wash away from others as well as yourself. The more you stay in this state the easier it will become to languish in it for longer periods of time. To the point you begin to except all stressful situations and know that you not only have the tools to keep yourself in that peaceful state but you can create a space that draws others into calm as well.

Lastly if you know a topic is triggering to you or a situation is going to increase stress related chemicals throughout your body. Avoid those topics and situations. If you find yourself up in arms about certain subjects don’t broach those subjects. Just learn to keep the peace and stay at peace. You’ll thank yourself and so will everyone else around you. You’ll become others prozac.

Not Addressing Trauma. Failure #225.


Many Experience Painful Trauma, Usually At A Very Early Age. And The Way It Manifests Itself In Your Life Can Have Profound Consequences. This Is Why It Must Be Addressed.

First and foremost if you have ever experienced any trauma in life and want to confront it. I highly recommend reading “The Body Keeps The Score.” The book although quite heavy at times and highly poignant, is a tremendous resource in recovery. And seeking to repair pass tragedy. It walks you through some of the most extensive traumas one can face and the therapies to help combat it and recover from it.

We’ll discuss some of the possibly life saving techniques in this article. But that book was written by a trauma specialist who has decades of research and work in the field. He is the expert and if you want a deeper understanding I recommend reading it.

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

It’s written to show how the worst of the worst can still come back from the brink. If you find the stories triggering or too much to bear this article will not delve into the back stories only the therapies. In order to move in the right direction. Just always remember no matter how bad you think you have it. Someone out there probably had it worse and they were able to recover.

Heart Variability Training

One of the best do it yourself therapies that will cost you nothing more then focused time is Heart Variability Training or HRV. This consist of using your breathing to change up your heart rate variances. Which ultimately effects your brain and your entire physiology.

Breathing deep controlled breaths has such a profound effect on the hypothalamus which controls all stimuli and triggers that were exposed too. So much of the lower brain can be manipulated by this easily accessible technique. Start with training you body to maintain 6 deep breaths per minute. My favorite for sleep assistance to get back to sleep when the mind begins to wander. Breath in for 6 seconds, hold for 1, breath out for 8 seconds, hold for 1, repeat that at least 6 times.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

EMDR is an incredible treatment that has profound affects on trauma. More so than just about any drug on the market. When I describe it’s simplicity its mind blowing that this therapy is as effective as it is. Essentially it is waking rapid eye movement therapy.

Rapid eye movement is a necessary part of sleep to repair and strengthen the brain. This treatment takes that physical aspect of sleep and brain repair and applies it to therapy while awake. A therapist while ask you questions relating to your trauma all the while keeping your eyes focused on a quickly moving object. This allows the brain to reprocess traumatic events into manageable acceptance. Usually this therapy takes around 10 sessions to begin to see profound changes.

Acting, Yoga, Massage, And Body Tapping Therapy.

As you get further into breaking down trauma. You begin realize that it is all connected to the body. The body does in fact keep the score and through the body we can work to even that score. A few of those ways are listed above. Acting has proven to have a positive psychological impact. By going through the motions of a healthy confidant individual you begin to take on that persona. Yoga not only helps with body movement it also incorporates controlled breathing which in turn effects your HRV. Massage is similar in affecting and alleviating tension held in certain parts of the body. Tapping Therapy focuses on tapping 9 different acupressure points while restructuring your trauma.

All of these different therapies can be highly trans-formative. Try them all, find one that works best for you. Just remember trauma tends to be cyclical. And usually happens to the young and the helpless. Protect those that can’t protect themselves. Don’t repeat your traumas on other individuals. End the cycles and seek help.

Performance Anxiety #221

Performance Anxiety

Some People Are More Self Conscious Than Others And Deal With An Unrelenting Inner Voice. Which Creates A Mental Struggle Empowering Performance Anxiety.

This can happen in any setting. Public speaking, sexually, conversationally. It happens in sports all the time. Performance anxiety is more about the discomfort of the situation and the pressure put on oneself to be at their utmost best, rather than it being about the outcome. The outcome is just a byproduct of the former. Sure you may stutter in your speech. Or in sexual situations you not be able to perform like the dynamo you wish yourself to be or at all. In sport you may have an enormous lead that is squandered because you got deep into your head.

It’s Not About You, It’s About The Environment You Create.

Performance Anxiety
Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh on Unsplash

Maybe you have witnessed someone have performance anxiety. Did you create a more toxic unwelcoming environment? One where you cast blame and shame the other person for not being their best? Did you guilt the other person with some outside culprit that may have no baring on the situation? Just to make yourself feel better.

Or did you create a calm welcoming environment one of acceptance and peace? One in which the outcome matters not. Sure you want a certain outcome. All parties involved want the best possible outcome. But when dealing with someone that has retreated into their head. You need to release expectancy of that outcome, in order to get back into the present. You need to create an environment of comfort, forgiveness and gratitude for the effort at hand. Be thankful just for time this person has given you.

This Goes For All Anxiety Not Just Performance Anxiety.

Never press an anxious person to stop being anxious. Don’t ever chastise or condemn them. Never assume what is causing the anxiety. Just simply find an environment that is best suited for their needs in the moment. Maybe change the subject to a more relaxed free flowing one. Sometime simply just being with them helps. Give comforting touch if they need it and it helps. Move locations, get outside. Offer to try again later with no pressure. In sports they might take a time out or give the player the night off. Something about the stress of the situation is getting to them. Take the pressure off.

It’s all about assisting in quieting that inner voice so the outer performance can come through beautifully. Some need assistance getting there. Be the creator of the positive environments. If anxiety is happening near you often you are creating tension around your environment. Change that environment.

Labeling Narcissist #220


If You Place A Narcissist Label Upon Another. Know That It Makes You A Narcissist Yourself.

Why do you label them a narcissist in the first place? Is it because you are not having “your” needs met? That they pay more attention to themselves then to you? Why do you care about what others do with their own time anyway?

Also know that unless you live in a cave and have renounced all forms of communication and pleasures of life. We all have a tinge of narcissism to our names. Just in me writing these words is proof of that tinge. Of course I want them to be helpful and useful to others first and foremost. But they are my words that I look after and care for. And want the absolute best for them. Call it narcissism, I’m guilty too.

We All Live Out Our Ideals For Self Aggrandizement.

Some do it in a way of attention seeking while others do it in a way of internal discovery. What that looks like on the outside differs from person to person as well.

Some internalize and withdrawal. Some seek attention in whatever form or medium that best reciprocates their sense of affection, some lash out. The child that is not embraced by the village will one day burn it down just to feel its warmth.

We all want to be heard, to have a voice. We all want to be embraced by others. Narcissism may just be a more extreme form of this and it may be due to past trauma. I’d be willing to bet many on the extreme end of the narcissist spectrum. That individual dealt with such neglect early on in life that it mutated into what you see now. That damage is on the parents of that child. Love and embrace your children often.

Love Yourself.

Photo by Eugenia Maximova on Unsplash

Just don’t be like Narcissus who ended up falling in love with his own reflection and killed himself because his true love wouldn’t materialize. Love what’s looking back at you in the mirror. Just don’t do it to the point where nothing else matters.

Not Having Lucid Dreams #205.

The Art of Controlling Your Vivid Dreams.

Creating lucid dreams is somewhat of an art form. And it can help with all kinds minor mental disorders including depression and PTSD. Essentially it’s similar to what people do micro dosing psychedelics. But its all natural and anyone can do it with a little practice. It is no cure but it can open up new pathways of the mind. And take you to the most beautiful places one could ever see and it’s something only your mind can create.

Lucid dreams of New Zealand
Dream Of New Zealand

What Can You Dream Up?

Want to fly like superman? All the while hovering over lush tropical terrain, mountain valleys or incredible cityscapes one can literally only dream of? you can do that. Want to solve life problems? You can do that too, it’s a great method to teach you new ways of thinking. Just before you drift back to sleep ask for your answers. If your interested in repairing a damaged relationship say to yourself give me insight to this relationship. Often times it works and you’ll be presented with a dream where you 100 percent take the role of the other person. And you’ll get to see and feel how you treat them and how it affects them.

It’s pretty power stuff feeling the other persons emotions. Ask for answers in solving any problems. Thomas Edison used to fall asleep with a metal ball bearing in his hand and a metal plate on the floor. When he fell asleep his hand would relax and drop the weight making a loud sound and waking him. Immediately upon waking he would write all the ideas he came up with in that brief sleep period.

How To Have Lucid Dreams

So how to do this. I find the best method is the wake and move around one. Sometimes it’s not necessary to get up and move around. But it seems to be far more effective when in practice. First you will wake from your nightly sleep and get up and do some remedial task, nothing too strenuous. After a few minutes you go back to bed. Changing to a different place other then your bed also helps like a couch or recliner in another room.

Now as you try to go back to sleep you will repeat a mantra. I’ve heard numerous described so pick one that works best for you. You can say something like “I’m going to have an out of body experience.” Or “I’m going to realize I’m in a dream” you can try “mind awake, body asleep.” Just keep repeating the same sentence as you fall back asleep. Often times you’ll “awake” in your dream right where you went to sleep.

Figuring Out If It’s Lucid Dreams Or Reality

It can be hard to decipher you’re even in a dream. So, if you think you’re in a dream pick something to do that you could only do in a dream. My favorite is I walk through walls. It feels almost like walking through a thin sheet of water and not getting wet. And you will end up in a different room or outside wherever the other side of that wall lands. It works and you know for sure you’re in a dream.

Then it’s simply what you make of it. Get creative do whatever you want, it’s a blast. It’s helpful to get in touch with this part of the mind, you feel more in control of your entire world when you do. Give it a try and keep practicing it doesn’t always happen right away. All good things take a bit of work. Click here for more information Enjoy.

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Listening To Depressing Music #192.

The Entire Spectrum Of Human Emotion Is Written Into Music And Songs.

I highly suggest avoiding the depressing songs as much as possible. As we sing along to the music it becomes somewhat of a lyrical mantra. We repeat the words and phrases of someone who maybe in a dark place. And as we sing along we can just as easily send ourselves to that dark place along side them.

Sometimes the ones who are struggling the most emotionally have the deepest most profound writing.

Art Is Beautiful.

It’s attractive at first even catchy but trust me the longer you listen the more you’re drawn in. We all somewhat tend to adopt the emotional, physical and mental state of the artist we follow. When we act that way, is it art attracting like minds or do desires attract the art? Is it the violent individual that follows violent music or does the music influence violence. Possibly a bit of both, I’m sure they fuel each others fire. Same goes for all emotions in music. Mellow music for mellow individuals. Love music for romantics.

Depressing Music
Listening To Depressing Music

Types Of Melancholic Music.

If you listen to artist like Kurt Cobain, Elliot Smith, Frightened Rabbit. Or any other group or singer who have taken their own lives you can hear and feel their pain. You may even begin to empathize them and begin to participate in that pain. They were all great artist but I highly recommend if you’re going to listen to them, please do so sparingly.

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Glorifying Fame To The Point Of Turning A Blind Eye To Criminal Activity. Michael Jackson Was A Predator #185.

Michael Jackson

We All Knew Michael Jackson Had Mental Issues, It Was Written On His Face. And We All Knew He Was A Predator, It Was Written In His Actions.

Take the weak, the poor, the youthful ignorance, those who hero worship, and then abuse them because they have no power to contest those claims. That’s what Michael Jackson did. Than take the successful children of entertainment put them under your wing and help them navigate fame, never abuse those with power and you’ll turn those children into your evangelist. Singing your praises. And those will be the voices heard. Than if ever someone comes forward with abuse allegations pay a kings ransom to keep that voice silent. Till you pass one day and no one can keep up with the ransom or the lie.

Michael Jackson
Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Abused Children Finally Coming Forward.

I think it’s great that these people are finally allowed to come forward. Even though they still face a heavy head wind from the worshipers. Those who would rather remain blind and ignorant, can’t silence the truth.

The man was a bold face liar. Asked if he ever had plastic surgery he would deny it. Ask if he ever abused children, he’d say no that’s ridiculous. It’s really a sad tale. A child of abuse often continues the abuse. Maybe not in the same methods that they were abused in but it happens often. It’s never an excuse and the cycle must be broken. Sadly Michael Jackson never had a normal childhood or normal life. He was raised on a pedestal and clearly abused that power. I’m sure he suffered thoroughly throughout that life but it is never an excuse to prey upon children. The truth is finally set free for the world to judge it just took far too long to get there.

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Dying For Image #155.


Image Is Everything Is What We’re Instructed To Believe. It’s Simply Not True And We Need Not Give Up Everything In Order Obtain It.

All that truly matters is how we view ourselves and are we living up to that view. We needn’t worry how others view us but history has shown us that is a forced concern placed upon at every turn. We feel the need to show the external world how much better off we are then anyone else.

We’ll sometimes get locked into an image we simply can’t remove ourselves from without losing those around us that cling to that image. For the alcoholic or the drug user those closest to you will view you as that and in doing so make it so much harder for you to escape it. Sometimes death is the only way out from such a image.

Holding On To Old Images.

Health can take a hit while maintaining image. Jolly fat man with the poor diet. The skinny model with a diet on the opposite spectrum. The bodybuilder who over works there heart in order to obtain the biggest muscles. Is your youthful beauty declining in old age? Well we have plastic surgery and Botox injections for that. Many will go under the knife to maintain that image. Some might not wake up from it.

Dying For Image
Photo by Tom Sodoge on Unsplash

It’s so much worse now with the advent of social media. We create these images of ourselves online for the world to see but it’s really all just smoke and mirrors. Those who use those services are all culprits of it. The doting husband, the perfect family, the best body, the world travelers. Just the best possible image without any backstory.

The Lies We Tell Through Imagery.

I’ve been a purveyor of such lies myself. And in our quest to display our best possible image, we trash all the mediocre images of ourselves. Ones that we deem not good enough. Maybe that’s part of the problem, that action of throwing out our own images so often, might cause some self loathing. I’m no psychologist but it seems logical to me to assume if we look at an image of our self and constantly tell ourselves it isn’t good enough. We may run into some problems with how we perceive our own image down the road, psychologically speaking.

The Good Old Days Of Photography.

Not too long ago the pictures we took were the ones we were stuck with and we learned to be happy with the final product. Even if we didn’t look our best. Now we feel we must always up the ante in order to keep up with all the noise and content already out there. So we’ll take riskier photos, travel to exotic locales more for the photo op and less for the experience. Or, to show others you have better experiences than they do. It’s so addictive too.

Just last week a young couple perished attempting to convey there image of travel bloggers to the world. In the process of obtaining more content for there Instagram they fell from a cliff side while attempting to take a photo at a cliff edge in Yosemite.

This Is Not A One Off Thing.

Many have sacrificed everything for that elusive perfect image. It’s simply not worth it. Maybe you’ll get more followers but that should not be tied to self worth. Never tie image to that which might harm. Just enjoy life, make great memories through experiences. Just stay safe while doing it.

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Remaining Ignorant #148.


Remaining Ignorant Is Bliss. Or Is It?

It’s a fact, the truth can sometimes be painful. And we will at times want to avoid it at all cost. The truth can sometimes paint an ugly grotesque picture of the world around us. Remaining ignorant insulates us for that. But with that same stroke of the brush it can create a beautifully enlightened image as well. It’s a far more valuable position to be in the know. And you will be in a better state to help others as well.

Ignorance Sometimes Feels So Safe

Like nothing can harm us there. Everything is blissful, like you’re riding a gum drop train on a rainbow to Idiotsville. While you and your fellow passengers admire the vacancy of realism around. All the while staying numb to the facts we left behind us in the real world.

We’re like new born babies, happily blind to our ignorance and content in not knowing. Not a care in the world. No cheating significant others live there, no neglectful parents, no war, no genocide, no famine, no environmental disasters approach us there, the list goes on and on.

Photo by Klemen Vrankar on Unsplash

And often times it’s far more fun to visit that land of make believe. But we cannot remain there forever. Growth only comes from when we are in the knowing. Sometimes we can achieve phenomenal new learning experiences just by digging deeper into our own long held beliefs.

Breaking Free From Ignorance.

I was fortunate enough to have such an experience. A child of special needs recently came into my life. A wonderful child who is non verbal autistic. All the information I was privy to before told me that the child may not advance much past a two year old mentality.

Only after doing research I became blown away to discover that most likely hiding behind an autistic facade. Is a child just like any other kid with the same mental capacities. And what is actually happening behind that facade is not necessarily a mental disorder. Its a brain body disconnect where the body does not obey what the mind tells it to do. These children are literally locked into a malfunction body while professionals give them little chance.

Therapy That Works.

What they need is not speech therapy but a way they can actually communicate and Somo’s RPM (rapid prompting method) has proven to work. With extensive training pointing to letters on a letterboard they were able to find their “voice.” I was enthralled by all the non verbal autistic authors who were considered “low functioning.” Who now communicate there high intelligence with the world at large.

If you want to dig deeper yourself read Ido Kedar’s “In Two World’s” or his blog. Check out videos by Carly Fleischmann. Or read Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay. All these people, once written off by society are major contributors to educating others about how truly valuable individuals with special needs can be.

True Bliss.

This is just a small sample of how my previous ignorance to a situation got in the way of understanding the plight of other individuals. Think of the enormous amount of information out there that we remain ignorant to. Let’s refuse to stay unintelligibly ignorant. Let’s learn, grow and always be looking for ways to help others. That’s where true bliss resides.

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