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Blowing It Scenario #83-Failing To Understand The Power Of Hope.

The Most Powerful Emotion Is One Of Hope.

It has been said that if you put a mouse in a tub of water it will drown within a minute. However if you give a mouse some form of life raft or a considerate life saving hand, before they give up and you save it from it’s inevitable demise. The next time the mouse is placed in the water, this time it will tread water for days in order to save it’s own life. How could this be when mentality before was to give up at the first sign of struggle. The answer is hope.

Hope has the strength to keep you fighting when you think all is lost. Hope is the light on your darkest day. All survivors of  near death tragic events have hope. They’ll play hopeful games with themselves to keep themselves active and in a positive mind frame which usually keeps them alive. Hope is the belief that you will succeed in any endeavor you set out upon. Without hope you would probably give up and metaphorically drown like the mice do, at your first sign of a struggle. Hope for a better tomorrow and constantly work towards it. Give others hope with your helping, potentially lifesaving, hand.

Just like we give everything around us the meaning we choose to give it. The same goes for hope. We can choose to be hopeful in our life, in our relationships, in the world. And than with that hope we can stay active while in that positive frame of mind. Recently a very important person in my life, whom I gave tremendous meaning to, gave me the greatest gift one could ever bestow upon another. That person gave me a sliver of hope about a possible future, I thought was completely closed off. That is really all you need to start building your very own life raft. Every article I write, I hope it one day reaches someone and truly helps them. Every day that we make hopeful progress is another board, another nail, another sail in our life raft. Build your ship of hope so strong and sturdy and you need not worry of ever drowning.

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