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Youthful Premature Maturity (Blowing It Scenario #139).

Kids Are Growing Up And Using Adult Themes Far Earlier Than Ever Before And It’s Not A Good Thing.

I recently read an article where a young boy of nine years old came out to his classmates as gay. He then received everything but support from his class. Children can also be very cruel when they lack understanding and have no remorse. This boy of nine was than ridiculed to the point of suicide. I’ll say it again, only nine years old. It’s incredibly tragic and I feel it’s avoidable.

Maybe it’s just me but I think both sexual orientation and suicide are topics that no nine year should approach that young, and if they do, guide them away from it. I had no idea what gay or straight was when I was that age. And that’s how it should be. Kids should not at all be discussing their own sexual orientation that young. It’s far too heavy of a burden for a child. I get that we all are attracted to others starting at a very young age and sometimes that attraction is to those of the same sex. But it doesn’t make sense to voice it at that age when you are still many years away from seeking a partner. That goes for straight kids as well.

Kids are doing terrible things far before their maturity is there to really know right from wrong. And it’s all due to the information input they are receiving. It’s tragic that a child feels they can’t simply be a child that they need to take on heavier issues. The mother in the case of the boy did what every mother should do, love your child unconditionally. But I feel maybe if the child was better prepared for the cruel outside world that doesn’t love like a mother. He may have not approached such a subject with his peers quite yet. He would have waited for the right time. And yes there is a right time and it’s not nine. You may know then but you are not ready then.

And if you believe that nine is an appropriate age to take on adult themes, than maybe you’ll agree we should also allow nine year olds to have adult responsibilities like drive, vote, smoke, enroll in the military, drink alcohol to their hearts content, work a 40 year hour workweek. But that’s not the case because there are safe guards to protect children and we shouldn’t stop at just government mandates. Your home should always the first and main safe guard to protect children even if that means it’s not what they want to hear.

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