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Withholding Life Saving Information (Blowing It Scenario #140).

Countries And Corporation Withhold Life Saving Information And Drugs Usually In The Name Of Finance.

A report came out that China has been with holding samples of the bird flu. It is a influenza bug that has the potential of killing a lot of people, if or when it makes the transfer from human to human. This is valuable research and an illness that all countries should be working towards suppressing. Never should we let our differences get in the way of creating systems of collaboration to help out the greater good of humanity.

I hope this withholding is for financial reasons and not some far more nefarious reason. Although withholding drugs and life saving treatment in the name of the all mighty dollar is quite nefarious. And drug companies, even hospitals do it all the time. It seems unconscionable, why would anyone make such a heinous decision? I guess in the some people eyes sometimes money is more important than saving lives. It happens often, especially when they don’t have the finances for it.

On the other hand it is a service and we do need to pay our fair share for such a service. It is how these services are produced in the first place. But massive inflation of a service just to pad the pockets at the expense of the many is inconceivable. As is withholding research of a potentially deadly strain of virus, so only a few will have access to its life saving vaccine. This is a counter intuitive approach. With limited supply, spread becomes easier and faster and it will still come beating down the doorstep of even those who have received the treatment. It may not get them, but it will come close to home if it spreads. So why not just work together.

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