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Blowing It Scenario #71-Blow Drying Your Hands In Public Bathrooms.

Blowing It By Blow Drying Hands.

Oh what joy, imagine you just relieved yourself of a full bladder that you had been holding in all day, what sweet relief. And now you kindly do the right thing by washing your hands thoroughly before departing the restroom and returning to regularly scheduled activities. Warm water caresses your hands, as your gingerly rub anti bacterial soap through all the nooks and crannies from finger tips to wrist, nothing escapes your purview. As you depart this joyous bath your hands and fingers are receiving, you’re left with a choice.

Do you dry your wet dripping hands in the hand dryer? Or do just shake the water droplets loose and wick of the remaining moisture on your pant leg? Well if you chose option one, your in for a treat. A treat where you’ll receive many potentially unwanted gifts in the process. As you place your hands under the powerful hot air, unbeknownst to you, and invisible to the naked eye. But as that hot air blast the water free from your hands, that very same hot air is now showering in a cornucopia of fecal matter and since it’s a public restroom you could probably be certain 99.9% of this lovely shower is foreign poo particles, all dancing there way over your entire body.

This is what a recent study has found conducted at the University of Connecticut, they placed bacteria collecting plates throughout 36 different restroom facilities on campus, fired up the blow dryers and let the good times roll. With hand dryers on, the plates collected 18 to 60 bacterial colonies, by contrast when blow dryers were off, the plates in regular bathroom air only collected one colony total. I don’t know about you but that is sufficient enough evidence to drop the use of air dryers all together and deal with the repercussion of having some damp pant legs for a few minutes. Who really know how clean pants are either though. Maybe just opt for paper towels and if their are none maybe just naturally let the regular old air dry those sopping wet hands of yours. Certainly this method will happen sometimes painfully slow but it beats the heck out of the body blasting poop shower alternative that you could be receiving.

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