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Blowing It Scenario #70-Fear Mongering.

Main Stream News Not Only Sensationalizes The News It Reports, It Creates A Sense Of Fear.

Every single article I came across this morning in the news had an ostentatious sense of fear surrounding it. Let me walk you through a few world ending head lines. West planning on bombing Syria. Fox news reporting the world may end April 23 when planet X passes by. Another article ask the question what if earth climate controlling conveyor belt came to a halt. The list goes on and on. Really almost all news could fall under blowing it. It’s hard to even read the news without getting some form of depressing thoughts bubbling up to the surface, or outright fear.

So often we’ll fall prey to this trap, we’ll develop anger and resentment and we’ll want the powers that be to do something about our new found anger the news has in sighted. Or more often then not, we’ll sit with our misery, only to take it out one the first unsuspecting friend or family member that is willing to engage in the topics. Usually these are topics most of us have very little or absolutely no control over what so ever. What are you going to do about stopping bombs in Syria or halting that fictitious planet from reaching earth? I’ll tell you this much anger isn’t going to help.

Honestly if you don’t read the news to use it for current events, I would recommend steer clear of it all together. We must stand guard at the gateway of our minds and one the best possible way to do that is to is to avoid such negativity, especially early in the morning. Often it can set the tone for the entire day. Avoid it like the plague. I’ve gone through multiple stints where I completely cut out news and I was all the more happier for it. However if you must read the news, I recommend an RSS feed news app that filters out only the news you want to read. Then only put positive filters on that app. Encouraging articles, improvement articles, helpful articles. That way the news you receive will be that of benefit and not purely of misery.

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