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Blowing It Scenario #76-2 Young Women Caught Smuggling 200 Pounds Of Cocaine To Australia.

Getting Caught Smuggling 200 Pounds Of Cocaine Is a 200 Pound Failure.

Actually it will add up to a lifetime failure. Two beautiful young girls who had their whole lives in front of them. Will now spend nearly a decade behind bars, because of their actions. They had just found a love for travel too. As they were traversing the globe seeing all the beautiful places the world had to offer. They got involved with the wrong people in the wrong business.

They picked up a sugar daddy. A wealthy man to pay for their way of life. Often times putting out sexually for this exchange. Almost like a high end prostitute. I reserve judgement on that. Money should be spent however you want to spend it and women should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies that they see fit. With their new sugar daddy they got into the drug smuggling game. Which was probably their biggest failure, their decision to get involved in drug smuggling in the first place. That and excepting a sugar daddy. What a dumb way to go out, and who gives two young women 200 pounds of cocaine? It’s almost like they were planning to fail. I’m sure no suspicions would arise when two petite women who can barely carry their luggage are asked to open their suitcases to reveal barely any clothes and a few bricks of cocaine adorning their bags. At least practice some moderation.

However it is probably a good thing these girls got caught the way they did and only got the limited sentence they received because if they didn’t learn this lesson now. They could have fell prey to far worse individuals down the road.

Seriously though just enjoy your vacation, stay out of prison so you can continue to enjoy many more vacations. If you feel the need to smuggle something in order to make huge profits, than learn e-commerce. Than you can ship and sell legal goods all around the world. It may take a little longer to earn those huge profits but I assure you it won’t take half as long as your prison sentence.

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