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Blowing It Scenario #75-Tax Day.

It’s the Final Day To Submit Your Taxes.

For some this may be a joyous occasion your hired the right accountant and they have sifted through all your expenses and found you a nice little return at the end of the year. For many others this time of year is a burden to big to bare. No write offs, no deductions, health care penalties. Some may find themselves owing money. When every last cent already went to paying bills and buying groceries for sustenance just to keep themselves alive. And maybe turning the lights and heat on from time to time. So they will be the hardest hit usually they will be put on a payment plan just enough to keep them in their perpetual poverty.

Where does all this money go anyway? There are so very few social programs any more. Roadways are deteriorating, we still don’t have universal healthcare. All we have is a penalty if we don’t buy it ourselves. A failed system for sure. Teachers aren’t being paid. Programs left and right are being slashed and yet the tax bill keep chugging along. Well a lot of the money goes to debt and when you have never ending balloon of debt. You constantly need to feed that beast on the backs of hardworking citizen.

We have government employees who consistently misappropriate funds. The man in charge of affordable housing spends thousands over budget on office furniture. Who pays for that? The tax payer does. The man in charge of protecting our environment spent $43,000 on a sound proof phone booth. Which raises questions why does he need a booth like that in his own office? Again who foots the bill?┬áThe tax payer does. He was also given an apartment at a highly reduced rate by a company he is supposed to regulate. More conflicts of interest. Treasury secretary honeymoons in Europe which he called a business trip, using government funding. There’s your tax dollars hard at work. So while so many live large and lavishly in government with the public’s tax dollars. Many citizen this year will languish in the fact that not only were taxes taken from their paycheck every week, they will have to pay even more money at tax season just to continue to fuel this reckless spending.

Regardless of these facts be sure to pay your taxes because if you don’t the government can confiscate everything you own, but you don’t have to be happy about it. And find yourself a good accountant it will probably be a small cost to save yourself thousands.

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