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Blowing It Scenario #77-Believing Change Doesn’t Require Massive Amounts Of Force And Action.

Don’t Be An Action Faker Either.

Someone said to me the other day, that when I was trying to make positive changes in life, that those actions felt so forced. Like that was a bad thing. And I thought to myself, “you’re damn right it felt forced, it was forced.” No changes come without a certain amount of effort. How do you move any stationary object? You apply force to it, the more resistant the object is, the more force is needed. And if you yourself are working on years of poor habitual activities. Your actions will require that much more force to counteract that. You are not, and will not be the same person at the end of the process. You will have to be completely forceful with your new actions day in and day out and it will rub some people the wrong way. But you will be better than before and once you begin the process it will push away those who grew accustomed to your earlier laissez faire attitude.

The most important thing we can do with our time is to take daily positive action towards internal and external improvement. It takes an internal belief it can be done. However that is the easy part. Belief will fade, sometimes as fast as you can dream it up. Belief is often just an action fake. We can’t simply read a great book than believe that we can accomplish anything, and just stop there. We need to make the external actions to our goals and beliefs repetitive. These actions must become our identity, and they must become our new habits. If your working on self improvement and you want to gain copious amounts of new muscle, belief will get you excited, but daily action is what is going to get you through the door and working. If your new identity is one of you being your own boss or an entrepreneur, you better wake up everyday and start working towards that goal first thing. Don’t even worry about trying to get motivated. Just take the necessary actions and your mind will follow.

The best habits we can develop are the ones that make those lives around us better. In Ayn Rand’s seminal book “Atlas Shrugged” she advocates individualism as what sets us apart, only selfish pursuits obtain you the riches you desire. I don’t completely believe this to be true. Their is no such thing as individualism, we don’t live in a vacuum where our actions don’t effect others. What most people gloss over in Ayn’s work is although her characters were selfish in the pursuit of wealth, they really weren’t, they needed to effect millions in order obtain their riches. Every business you ever came across helps someone in some way. That’s the positive daily action we need to strive for, to helps others. And in that “selfish” act of helping others, you help yourself.

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