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Blowing It Scenario #59-Watching Other People Play And Stream Video Games Online.

Blowing It By Wasting Time Watching Another Waste There Time.

I recently came across an article about a gentlemen who makes $500,000 a month streaming himself playing video games on the platform twitch. The fact that such a platform exist where people just play video games and upload the videos of them playing is a wild concept to me. And the fact that it’s as popular as it is, really boggles the mind. At least my mind.

I get that their is an entertainment element to it all, similar to watching sports. As I wrote that last line, I realized it’s absolutely no different then watching sports. You just don’t think of video game play as a sport, but I guess it could be considered a sport of the mind. Granted if you are not playing professionally, you are just wasting time. It’s no different then the guy who plunks himself down in front of the television for four hours to watch his favorite baseball team score three runs only to have them lose by one. It’s a complete waste of time. Just as watching another play a video game online or just playing a video game themselves is. It’s escapism, we all do it in some form or another and the reason we do it is because it feels good to get out of the rat race and out of your head and just immerse yourself in entertainment for a brief period of time. Brief being the key word.

This day in age we tend to over do it and often times we get ourselves emotionally charged in the process. We escape one reality to live in another, one that is often times worse for us then the original. When every moment spent not working or being a productive member of society is encumbered by mindless entertainment we do ourselves and our community a great disservice. We become doltish consumers where the consumption of worthless knowledge and side show spectacle is endless. We have to break free from the oppression of this attention vacuum. Do yourself some good. Create and produce. Get out of the trap, shut off the television and get offline from time to time. Go see and do. The world is a beautiful place. Explore it.

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