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Blowing It Scenario #58-The Affleck Batman.

Quality Actor, Solid Director, Decent Story Line.

So why do I start these Affleck Batman Movies and fall so disinterested so quickly? Everything about Batman and Superman together should scream excitement and thrilling action. Yet I constantly find myself falling asleep during these films. I just watched Justice League for the first time last night and half way through I had no qualms about stopping the movie and heading off into slumber. I can’t put my finger on why this is happening.

Maybe there are lulls between the action that are so mundane that it just activates melatonin production. It has good production quality, great actors and actresses, it just doesn’t hold my attention. Maybe its the somber lighting, who knows. I can’t really bash the film. One because I haven’t finished it yet because I’m guessing it’s similar to taking an ambien because it keeps knocking me right out and two because I don’t really feel they’re that bad of movies. It’s just not what I expected in a film that showcases these super heroes.

Not really sure how to make it much better though, so it’s really a moot point. I’m just wondering if anyone else is having this same reaction? Who knows maybe these films can become sleep remedies for some. Then again maybe I was just not in the right state each time I began these films. Regardless to say, everyone should still see the films and come up with their own hypothesis.

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