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The Fear Of Imperfection #181.

Fearing Imperfection Is One Of Our Biggest Road Blocks To Progress.

It’s a bit a of a catch 22. How is it possible that wanting to achieve perfection in our endeavors actually keeps us from pursuing those very ambitions? Or more often we’ll get close to our goal. And the imperfection will hold us back from finishing because it’s just not quite right. It’s not perfect.

We’ll start a project only to give up half way into it. Or we’ll quit when we might be inches away from the breakthrough. Or worst of all, we’ll avoid starting altogether because we don’t feel we can complete the task well enough for other eyes or ears to see and hear.

Simply Begin

These our own insecurities that we must master. We have to banish the fear and launch forward regardless of imperfections. Yes we want to put out quality out into the world but we can’t let perfection prevent us from ever putting anything out there. We can always continue to iterate after creation, after we put it out into the world. I’ve said it a thousand times, beauty and perfection reside within the imperfections. Nature doesn’t halt in order to make the perfect plant or animal, each and every thing is unique and it all has it’s place. Wonderful imperfections that should be celebrated.

Work With Imperfection To Achieve Results

So write your articles and post them even if they are not quite perfect, give your imperfect speeches. Launch your imperfect business or invention. Raise your faulty children. Grow your flawed garden. Sometimes it’s ugly and that’s okay, with each ugly rendition comes new ways to make it prettier, new ways to improve. And whats wrong with ugly anyway? What might be ugly to some, could be the most radiant beauty to others. Find your audience and when you do stop carrying what other people think about your work or how you do things. And if you find yourself worrying about being perfect know that you’re doing something wrong and most likely comparing yourself to others. Regardless of what you do, know that it’s perfect, even if it’s not so perfect, just go for it and don’t let anything stand in your way.

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