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Sunday Sadness, Sunday Blues. Avoiding Blowing It #245.

Many Of Us Are Often Unpleasantly Hit By The Notion Of The Impending Work Week Ahead And Sunday Sadness Creeps In.

Sunday Sadness

This is a fascinating phenomenon and it happens to a lot of people. Society is structured in such a way that our routines over time signify Monday as the beginning of the week. Back to school, back to work, back to simply being somewhere you don’t necessarily want to be. It’s no wonder over so many years of doing this automatic routine a Sunday sadness begins to creep in near the end of the day.

After you enjoyed a delightful weekend where you had the freedom to do as you choose. As Sunday hits, you’re struck by the notion it’s all coming to an end soon. And you know as the fleeting hours tick by Sunday evening, the blues are soon to set in. And you start feeling that familiar Sunday sadness. Worrying about your impending week ahead, and that control of it might not be in your hands.

How To Not Blow It With Sunday Sadness.

Each time we subscribe to this conventionality and structure set for us in life. We reinforce the possibility of this expectation. And in order to hopefully make this not become a normal event. We have to shake up the status quo every once in awhile.

If you can’t shift your week schedule, shift how your weekends look. Make Sunday your happiest day of the week. Shift your mindset, meditate on how great your week ahead will be.

If you can, change up your schedule. Do so in a way that the concern for the week ahead always falls on a different day. So your body doesn’t develop addiction to this sadness. Diffuse it through osmosis by spreading out over different days.

Find pleasurable work so you always look forward to the week ahead. Maybe in that case a Friday sadness sets because you have to leave your work that brings you joy. But I highly doubt that happens. Humans will always love their freedom and autonomy even if we only get it for two days a week.

Never take a day off. Work on that which you enjoy every single day of the week. Maybe even do it if you don’t always enjoy it. At least you’ll be building that mental strength against the desire to not doing something and the sadness that sets in because of it. Today is Sunday and I already feel better for writing these words. Maybe tomorrow I’ll treat myself with more.