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Contradictory Gratitude #204.

Gratitude with an Asterisks, Most of Us Are Doing It All Wrong.

There is an oversight to gratitude that we often go without seeing and that is our living contradictions to that of which we are grateful for. If you say I’m grateful for water, it’s a nourishment to life, it keeps me alive and well hydrated it makes the world a beautiful place. And then in turn you curse the rain for ruining your day or getting your hair wet. Then that becomes an immediate a contradiction to your gratitude. There are so many examples of this; thankful for the sun, it helps all the plants grow and the plants in turn feed us and contribute to earth’s beauty but then you complain about the heat or the over growth of trees in your yard, it conflicts with what you might say you’re grateful for.

Maybe you say to yourself that you’re grateful for your spouse, but than in turn, certain things about them you just can’t stand, that’s another conflict of interest. You are not thankful for them as a whole. You might be grateful for income but loath people who have even greater wealth than you. With that, you are directly going against the gratitude tide and it will hurt you especially if you want to get ahead yourself.

Differences In Gratitude.

Yes these are generalizations of a broad spectrum but that’s just the thing gratitude and disdain don’t live in the same realm. You’re either grateful for the entire array, or not. You may try to break it down to just it’s parts. But when it’s just the parts, you understand, you are not expressing true gratitude, gratitude as a whole. And that is where we shoot ourselves in the foot.

Picking and choosing some of what make things special to us is a losing battle. One that can eventually overwhelm your gratitude. Does this sound better I’m thankful for my spouse’s humor and affection but all the rest not so much? How long could that possibly last? What happens when they are not being funny or affectionate? That’s what we do when we break it down to the sum of its parts, we’re not truly grateful. We’re trying to play both sides of the coin and eventually it’s going to land on just one side. Be thankful for all that you have and all that comes with it.


How I Practice Gratitude.

Thank you to the creators of all things and the energy in everything. Thank you for the sun and the trees for the water and the air I breathe. Thank you for all that I have and all that I’ll receive. Then go on to list all the immediate things you are grateful in your life currently. This is a great way to start every morning. Gratitude is powerful.

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