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Blowing It Scenario #97-Casting Judgments.

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged.

Or as the legend Bob Marley sings, “judge not, before you judge yourself.” So how can someone who writes judgments on all areas of life consider judging a failure. Well it’s quite simple these are simply opinions I hold, open for all interpretation and open to be judged. If we cast judgment we should be willing to take it and to grow from it. It’s when we sit upon our ivory tower casting judgments prior to knowledge. Or when we hold closed beliefs, that we are right and everyone else is wrong. Those are the kind of judgments I’m referring to. The ones that stunt growth and progress, and tend to hurt you or others. Or at least place those around you in a negative light.

Somethings in life are however negatives, war, genocide, epidemics. When you reveal your position on these subjects you will come off sounding negative. It’s just human nature, in these cases I believe negativity restrains further negativity and you’re working towards a positive. If I deride drug use, it’s not because I have disdain for the user or I’m judging the person who uses, it’s because I believe it has a negative impact on society and I would like us to do more to help them be better. If I berate arguments, compromises, materialism, screen time, dating apps, so on and so forth. It’s only because I believe certain aspects have a negative effect and I feel a conversation about them can have a counterbalancing impact.

Again these conversations are strictly one mans opinions and they are free to be judged and picked apart. I absolutely welcome it. That is what self discovery is all about. The disagreements you have and the positions you take, will reveal a lot about you to yourself and to the world around you. Try to make them positive. Leave others in the light of your most positive glow. And if you must go negative just try to make sure it’s in order to combat other negativity.

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