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Blowing It Scenario #96-Not Choosing Your Life.

Everything We Do In Life Should Be Our Choice, Set The Bar High And Don’t Let Others Dictate It For You.

Recently someone very near and dear to my heart told me, “I don’t need you, I will never need you, but I will always choose you.” And I thought, what a profound sentiment and one I would never want to change. I have the same exact right and will always chose this person as well.

That is exactly how we should treat life and the people we want in it. Life should be a choice, who your with, what you do, how you do it, why you do it. As I write these words I’m doing so because I choose too. No deadlines, no boss forcing me too, no obligation other than my own personal choice. We are all presented with choices every single day. If we constantly settle or let someone else dictate our life, we are not exercising our right to choose, we are differing it too someone or something else. And when we do, it’s like we’re throwing up the white flag and surrendering, it’s a lost battle and your freedom is the causality. Make the choice to no longer give in.

If you feel as if you are only doing something because you have too, reconsider your possibilities. If you have a job you can’t stand just to pay bills, research alternatives. Start your own business or find something that suits you better. If your with someone who doesn’t seem to like or respect you. Or you can’t be honest with them and you constantly feel like you have to be someone your not. It might be time to make the choice to find someone who will love and respect you for who you are. Not what you do for them. We should always provide those we love with love, attention, support, affection, adventure, trust, honesty, happiness. Those are all free and choices we will always better off choosing. When those fail, it’s fair to choose to move on. But when it’s based on what you provide materially, not who you are, love is manufactured, you only lease it, you will forever be just a tool for someone else’s choices. And the day you no longer provide those materials the other wants is the day it’s over. And it’s a great day when it happens because that person used their choice to no longer be with you. Celebrate the fact that they exercised their free will.

The most sure fire way to avoid problems ahead is to make sure your wants and needs coincide with each others before you set out on a life together. Because when they do it’s a truly magical moment, and you will always choose to provide the absolute best for the other and they’ll be doing the same for you.

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