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Staleness Of An Argument #171.

Making The Same Argument Over And Over Again Is Often Like Beating The Dead Horse.

However on the flip side of that saying there is another. Which says the squeky wheel gets the grease. Meaning those who stay persistent and vocal will eventually reap the rewards. This is different than when an argument goes flat and stale. When that happens it might just be time to move on.

Often in writing these post I feel many of my disagreements have been stated before. And that I continue to rehash many old arguments. That is life though, sometimes you get set in your ways creating your belief systems and you build yourself the box you trap yourself in.

The only way to alleviate a flat mixture is to stir it up a little and maybe add some heat. That is what I expect of these arguments they are best suited for a challenging dispute. Same should go for the stale disagreements in your life. Mix it up a little and new flavors. Throw it out if it’s gone bad. Change and reiterate or fuel the fire, no stagnancy. I’ll keep working to find new angles to these opinions hopefully I’m provided with new ways to look at old problems.

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