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Rigidity, Inflexibility (Blowing It Scenario #136)

Our Answers Are Not Always The Right Ones, And Should Never Be Treated Like They’re The Only Ones.  

Rigidness is good if you are trying to create a new habit or new positive routine to stick to. You must stick to the routine with the utmost discipline. Be inflexible and don’t waiver. Wake at the same time, set your day exactly how you want it and keep it going, stay repetitive, don’t break the chain. Set deadlines and stick to them with rigid fervor. However, remember the immortal words of Bruce Lee, “the stiff tree cracks and breaks under strong wind while the sapling bends and sways with it.” To survive the storms of life sometimes you need to be flexible.

When it comes to information and working with others we have to exercise patients. We have to be adaptable and most certainly we have to be flexible. No two people are alike. Everyone comes from a different background than our own. We must be cognizant of that fact and not force our will upon another. If we feel we have pertinent knowledge that can help another, we must guide them. Not control them, but enlightened them. And if they have knowledge that counters your own, accept them. For they are not wrong, they just have differing beliefs than your own and that is a good thing. They could have even more enlightened answers to the questions we are all in search of. Try not to be incapable of such open mindedness. Do not be incapacitated by your own self worth. Let others assist your growth and be malleable. At the very least hold strong to your beliefs but don’t let that completely affect your work with others.

Listen to other individuals; it’s one of the most important traits we can cultivate within ourselves. Even if you believe they are working from completely false pretenses. They still deserve to have a voice, and a helpful guiding ear to hear them out. This article is simply just how one person feels. There can be a limitless number of opposing viewpoints and I welcome those discussions. I want to know what others view as their truths, their right and wrong answers. Come at life with a beginners mind even when you think you have all the right answers.

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