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Blowing It Scenario #101-Sexual Repression.

Does Sexual Repression Manifest Itself As Sexual Aggression?

Withhold anything that’s strongly wanted and there will grow a burning desire to obtain these things. Sometimes these wants will be transmuted into new desires. Does the same hold true for sex? Sex is simply a part of human nature and will always be desired in some form or another. Make it a healthy desire. Don’t suppress it but also don’t attack it or others. All sex must be mutually desired.

Today an archbishop in Australia was charged with covering up sexual abuses of his colleague, another priest. This is the highest ranking member of the church to be charged. It shouldn’t matter who you are or what your profession, no one should be outside the purview of justice and I commend Australia for going after sexual predators (especially those of minors) and those who protect them. Even if those men claim to be men of god and are high ranking priest.

4,400 men and women have come forward with stories of sexual abuse by the church from 1980 to 2015. None of this has it’s place in any church, or society as a whole for that matter. This is just in Australia, around the world there are so many more claims. What is it about this environment that makes sexual assault of minors so prevalent? Is it the fact that those involved know so much of their actions will always be covered up by the powers that be? Or is it the fact priest must remain celibate and by repressing normal sexual desires they become altered in someway? Manifesting in the worst way possible, as predators to youth. I will truly never see how children become the object of there desires but we as a society need to examine these things so we can hope to prevent them in the future.

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