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Blowing It Scenario #55-Complete Reliance On Others.

We Have Lost Our Way, We Have Lost Self Reliance.

This day in age we rely on others for practically everything. It is this coddled era that we have excessive amounts learned helplessness. We have someone else drive our cars, make our food, buy our groceries, fix our cars, fix our homes, the list goes on and on. Heck we even rely on others to manufacture our own feelings. Love, hate, envy, are all fabricated emotions within ourselves that we believe are sourced from other people, other things. We have the ability to control all of it yet we continue to tell ourselves the falsehoods that someone or something else made me feel this way.

We tell ourselves the lie that we don’t know how to do something, so we simply don’t even try. Why learn something new when it’s so much simpler and far easier to just have someone else do it for us. What could be wrong with that option? Sure it’s the quick easy fix, void of all dependence on ones self. And maybe you’ll be able to go through life never ever having to do anything for yourself. You’ll rely on your parents to pay your bills, your app to find you love, then your significant other to make you feel your emotions, your uber drivers to get you around town. Worse yet you may simply become fully helpless, a drifter of life, never fully knowing your true potential.

The cure to it all is simply, do the work. Can you imagine how gratifying life would be if we all took a little more initiative and became more self reliant? Well stop imagining it, it is more gratifying to do things for yourself. Rip in your clothes, learn to sew, want a website, build it yourself, hole in your drywall, patch it yourself, breaks worn on your car, replace them yourself, want a new business, create it yourself. Envious of another, better yourself, forget that other, hate someone because of something “they” did to you, learn to forgive and move own. It’s all within you. We can move mountains if we set our minds to the task. When we believe we can and take the necessary actions towards the outcome, the world changes around us. When you become self reliant you quickly realize that you have always had the ability to create this new beautiful world. It was within you, and only you, all along.

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