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Blowing It Scenario #54-The Con That Allows Full Access To Our Personal Lives.

Why Must We Scarfice Our Intimate Moments For The Right To Use Websites.

I get personal data is somehow as good as gold these days. Sure it may be free to use your favorite app or website but what is the true cost? I’m not sure any study has been made or can be made.

Silently individuals are being destroyed left and right all because a website here or simple app there. All designed to make our lives easier or happier and more well connected. Yet they slowly drive a wedge that pushes us further apart. And while that wedge is being consistently hammered home. Our personal and most initmate details about ourselves are slowly being collected and sold off to the highest bidder or stolen from the best hackers. And we could care less. Why? Because we’re so distracted by these products they created for us. So much so that it’s even difficult to manufacture unifed dissent against it.

We’ll be upset for maybe a day sometimes we can keep the fire for a week. We’ll get on board with the latest hashtag promoting our new found dissonance. Then in a week’s time a new article will come out touting our frustration with you name it. And we’ll turn our attention towards that. Completely disregarding our last crusade to change the world. I know because I write about the new found problems everyday. They will simply fade out favor in due time. And in a distracted world that tends to happen at break neck speeds.

They hurt us more often then not and we often don’t even see it coming most of that time. Loss of credit, loss of insurance, loss of money, loss of loved one’s. This stuff has immense power over us and we casually allow it too. At least now we are becoming more aware of it and can make better consious choices. That doesn’t change the fact that a lot of it is still very addicting. It’s a play right out of the drug dealers handbook. Give the first one away for free and they’ll be hooked for life.

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