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Blowing It Scenario #42-Teacher Barricades Himself In Classroom And Fires Gun.

After All The Talk About Arming Teachers In the Wake Of The Florida School Shooting One Teacher Took It On Himself To Begin The Process Early.

Now this is a terrible action and luckily no one was injured except the teachers reputation. From the sounds of it the teacher was a bit unstable in spite of the fact he was well liked by the students. This was a solo act by one unstable teacher but with his extreme actions he may have ended the debate about arming teachers. I know the president called for arming well qualified highly trained with military background teachers. But shootings can happen any where from elementary school to high school to churches to concert.

There is no way to predict what event these cowards will target next. arming teachers is like putting a bandaid on a shark bite. Real genius move, how do you imagine it will play out when a shooter firing at hundreds of students running for their lives only to dodge return fire coming from these trained teachers. This isn’t the military and no one will ever except friendly fire as an excuse for death in a school shooting victim. On top of that at what point do we stop stacking these worthless bandaids, once the teachers don’t work out do you add more “qualified” weapons specialist just in case their needs to be another line of defense when the teachers fail to engage their targets?

I challenge you to find a military trained elementary school teacher. They usually don’t exist, its predominately, nurturing, caring adults, that want to care for and protect the youth without violence. As a matter of fact, that is most teachers in general. This teacher was a social studies teacher and if you have ever taken a social studies class you know they tend to be highly politically driven. If this teacher was at all like any other normal human being with even a fraction of empathy. His heart probably broke for what happened in Florida. Along with all our hearts. Maybe he was making a point, then again maybe he just lost his mind and he owned a gun. Let that latter part sink in. Even when you are off your rocker insane, you usually still have access to a gun. No specially trained teacher is going to get to a shooting before he or she can prevent deaths. On top of that most of these shooters go into these situations with the full intent to end their lives, after they inflict as much destruction as possible. What good is it in the mind of a potential shooter, of having the full knowledge that their might be a threat of military style teachers defending their schools with guns? What good would that be when the shooter themselves have absolutely nothing to lose? Either way this teacher just proved that it’s a terrible idea adding more guns to a gun problem. Especially in the school environment.

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