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Remedial Work, A Mental Muzzle #176.

This Isn’t To Say You Can’t Think While You Do The Remedial Work. It Simply Changes The Context And Structure Of Your Thoughts.

Leaving less room for creative thought and expression. Your mind is somewhat hijacked for the 8 to 12 hours a day you spend devoted to another entity. If you have remedial work that maintains the hijack even after working hours than hopefully you love what you do. Because you have sold your mind to the highest bidder, or what you might think is your highest bidder. A company you might feel you can’t do better than what they give you. We can always do better.

Remedial work

The Path You Are On Could Be The Wrong Path

Be careful with mental distractions. What pulls you in one direction deters you from another. And that other path might be the one you were supposed to be on. I’ve seen it before.

Pressure to have a life you think you want may direct you towards a path you think you need to be on in order to attain this fictional existence and while your on that new path, those closest to you may have been content with the path you were on together. If your goal is to leave them behind I assure you, you will be successful.

But if your goal is to make a better life for them and you in turn spend all your life away from them, what does that accomplish? How is that a better life, if you eliminate yourself from the picture? Especially if you are working your life away in work that doesn’t stimulate you.

It’s a lose lose battle if your wasting your life working remedial jobs and than in turn while you waste away in this job your creative well runs dry.

What Is The Answer?

We need more freedom and more autonomy in the work we choose. Isn’t this the goal of work anyway. Work your entire life, pay your bills, save your income and hopefully one day you’ll get to spend the last few remaining years with a little bit of freedom and autonomy with the ones you love.

We should be allowed more of our life to enjoy it now, work needs to be restructured in a way that accommodates these things. You can only help others if you have the time, energy, focus and creativity to do so. Don’t let one employer burn you out on of all that.

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