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Blowing It Scenario #33-Couple Spends Life Savings To Buy A Sailboat, Only To Sink Boat Within Two Days

Never Set Sail Without Being Fully Prepared.

This is interesting article because I feel for the couple and I admire them for following their dreams. The issue of them blowing it comes in when you realize just how incredibly unprepared they were. They sold everything they had to buy a 28 foot sail boat, which isn’t much to begin with. They would then move to Florida with the intent that they would attempt to sail around the world. I assume their plan was to live off the abundance of the sea and work in different ports because they left with nearly no money to their names.

They spent a few months living on the boat and stocking up on food and supplies. However only two days after they set sail, they ran ground on shifting sand bars in a Florida straight. Leaving the boat to fend off the full power of the waves and incoming tides. Eventually the boat capsized taking with it nearly all of their belongings. It’s a frustrating and upsetting circumstance but this is where I begin to question really how prepared these two were for world travel. So these individuals who seem to be under prepared in life let alone at sea. Left with nearly no money as a safety net. Nor did they carry any insurance on their only life possession. Absolutely no insurance on what they just used their entire life saving to purchase. I get going off the grid but that’s a pretty big red flag. These two might want to thank their lucky stars that this happened early on in their adventure and not far from rescue.

Now the couple is trying to rely on the generosity of others hard earned living’s to bail them out of the situation they put themselves in. This seems to me like a metaphor for the life they had already built around themselves. Under paid, under prepared, under achieving. I know sailing is difficult, you’re at the mercy of the sea, that is why you have to be beyond prepared. It’s also more work then any remedial job you pick up here and there. You have to be constantly vigilant, constantly in control. I once read a book about the first men to circumnavigate the globe solo, without stopping. The book was called “Voyage Of Madmen.” It was a race in the 60’s before all the fancy GPS and navigational tools we have today. The winner of the race said after victory, “I wonder how many hardened criminals we would have if they we’re subjected to sail solo around the world, It’s hard labor with solitary confinement.” Some men never made it back from that race. Sailing is difficult and if you want to sail around the world you can’t treat it like you listlessly treat life. You have to be beyond prepared and be ready to put in the work. It is my belief that these two will be much better off if they don’t receive any money from their gofundme page. It will only enable them to make similar mistakes down the road. In life you going to fail you have to learn how to fall and pick yourself back up again. You can learn from others mistakes but when your the one that put yourself in any given situation and others bail you out. You’re doomed to make the same mistakes. You’ll never learn and you’ll never grow if others are always doing the work for you.

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