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Blowing It Scenario #32-Parents Are Blowing It By Employing The Tablet Babysitter

It’s A Lazy Parenting Move, Failing To Engage With Your Child.

We have all seen it. Most of us have participated ourselves. That feeling you get when you just don’t want to deal with your child or hear them anymore. You think I need a break and you go reach for your trusty old babysitter side kick. The family tablet or when your out and about your smart phone will make a great substitute. That heavenly screen with all it’s bells and whistles can surely shut the hardiest of kids right up. But at what cost? An article came out recently that silicon valley parents are now raising their children tech free. That means the very creators of these tools believe they are a hindrance to their child’s development. It’s a major read flag and we should heed the warnings.

If you haven’t already noticed. Tech has drastically changed the way we as adults operate day to day, and not always in a good way. Yes it has added massive amounts of convenience but that convenience robs us of doing the work ourselves. Robs us of the ability to becoming more proficient in different skills. We become lazy, reclusive, imbeciles who don’t know how to change a tire, or start a fire. Heck we don’t even know how hold a conversation anymore. If we have a pause or break in conversation. We just rudely pull out our phones mid conversation and check to see what our friends on Facebook or Snapchat are doing. Oh, look at that, Kerry’s having fun on vacation, let’s respond super jealous. Oh and Sarah’s clearly having a wonderful night on the town with her significant other. As shown in her most recent snap. She couldn’t have possibly rudely paused that night out, in order to take those photo’s and upload them. Envy engulfs you as you realize you’re stuck in this drab situation with no end in sight. At least you have your smart phone to rely on. As you’re scanning your phone for the most interesting people that are not in the room, a baby begins to cry in the background. Thank goodness you also brought your extra Ipad along with you. That annoying kid is not going to steal your attention away from your device either. So you hand the crying child it’s tablet security blanket because that thing really knows how to parent, who else will sing lullabies or tell stories to them.

So the vicious cycle continues into adolescence where children learn how incredibly easy it is to bully another without ever even having to leave the comfort of their bedroom. Kids these days do massively destructive things because what they have seen and learned online. Not to mention, we don’t do them any favors when the parenting that was meant to guide them away from from troubled waters is slightly absent do to the fact that they have their own technology distracting them. It’s an addiction for many people. We’re all to often giving into that addiction and starting the youth off on the very same path, from a very early age. We all could do better off by limiting our screen time and engaging with the world around us again. If not for anything else, at least do it for the children’s sake.

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