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Blowing It Scenario #28-Weak, Pathetic, Coward Mass Shooters-A Massive Failure Of Government.

Yet Another School Shooting Took Place Yesterday In Florida Killing 17 Students And Teachers.

When will it end? I literally wrote about gun control three days ago. That is how prevalent mass shootings are in our society today. Heaven forbid we make it more difficult to get your hands on a gun. The second amendment was written when people used single shot muskets. I’m sure had they known what was to come they would have excluded right to bear arms altogether. School shooting after school shooting. 58 concert goers just trying to enjoy a night out on the town gunned down by another one of these pathetic cowards. Because that is exactly what these shooters are, complete cowards. It’s easy to be confident behind a gun. These mental midgets seem like giants in their own weak selfish minds. Instead they need to think of others, and they need help. What they don’t need is access to a gun.

Now this piece of human garbage who I won’t refer to by name. Has taken the lives of 17 innocent children while they were attending school. One of the most defenseless places these cowards can target. And now we’re not only giving him the attention and notoriety he probably so desired. We probably won’t take any action towards reforming this outdated law. Sure keep right to bear arm but make obtaining a gun such a stringent process that no gun ever falls into the wrong hands. I addressed it before. We need make it necessary that in order to buy any gun, rifles and shotguns included. You must pass rigid psychological tests, followed by a more thorough background check. One that involves internet search histories, purchasing history, etc. Keep track of ammunition purchases. These records need to be updated annually throughout the entire time you own the gun. We also need mandatory annual classes. If you don’t come to your scheduled class every year and retake all the necessary test you are required to relinquish your fire arm. Also require all serial numbers to be attached to the owner. If your gun is involved in a crime, you will be held responsible for said crime.

Their are so many options that can take to prevent this kind of senseless violence. And yet we choose money over the value of life. Money to keep the gun makers and NRA happy. Or we call it personal freedom. How dare you take away my right to bear arms, we’ll hear the gun owners say. You’ll also hear only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. Well guess what gunslinger, the bad guys are winning. And lets discuss those good guys with guns. Most are just waiting in anticipation for an excuse to use that gun on someone or something, given the opportunity they’ll take a life too. A gun is simply a killing device, it serves absolutely no other useful purpose. You can’t rake the leaves with it or scoop ice cream with it. You don’t walk the dog with it or play lullaby’s with it. You kill things with it. It’s as straight forward as that. So we should all be on board with the notion that no one with any kind of psychological issues or background red flags, should ever be able to touch a gun. If you are one of those who believes you’re a good guy with a gun, then actually stop the bad guys by getting behind laws preventing gun ownership. Because the only true way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is to never give that guy a gun in the first place. Let’s stop the senseless violence already.

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