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Blowing It Scenario #19-Pollution, An Ecological Failure

A Study Just Came Out That Our Earth’s Ozone Layer Is Failing To Heal Itself.

I’m no scientist but I do believe we live in a time of great paradox. On one hand we have a system that can only sustain itself, on perpetual growth. That growth more often then not, aggressively challenges nature for new, ever expanding resources. While adding even more issues ecologically down the road when those resources inevitably need to be discarded. Ocean’s are acidifying, polar ice caps are melting, species are dying out, and now we know the ozone layer is failing to heal.

What are the answers? I honestly don’t know and I fear some of the alternatives. It seems like one system must give way to the other. We are a species that will attempt to insure our survival at all cost, sometimes at the peril of other species. As those species die off though, we must work to get more inventive. Or the better solution would be to put forth efforts to save the planet and it’s species. Which may come at the expense of growth. The concern is how does that look? Is it dystopian by nature with population controls and water wars? Or can we engineer inventive ways to create world changing products, that rob nothing from the environment and possibly even give back to it in the process. None of which do I believe will happen in the immediate future. But I’m hopeful for the latter.

We can now grow far more plants per square foot indoors and through hydroponics then we could on the same acreage of land outdoors. I do have some concern in that process. That growing soil-less food it’s lacking the abundance of nutrients nature provides through the soil. Never the less it’s a step in the right direction to feed an ever growing population, that uses far less water and has zero need for pesticides use. However the best possible solution I could think of, would be if everyone maintained there own garden. However in that scenario, the food industry would have to give way. And the people would have to step up and do the work. Would the industry be willing to part with such profits? Would the people maintain their crop or would they allow there mini farms to fall into disarray?

Scientist now work towards lab grown meats by using stem cells from cows. Which are then allowed to grow and multiply on a nutrient rich solution. Something some may think is gross but it’s a similar process in nature. Probably the best answer would be to eliminate meats from diets all together but I don’t think many will sign on to that proposal. We’re starting to work towards alternative energy with solar panels, wind turbines, hydro electricity. None of which are completely above taxing the environment in some form or another but it is far better then burning fossil fuels. I do believe we’re working in the right direction but we have a very long ways to go. I do hope we finally crack the code in this process and create a system of harmony because the alternative could be far worse.

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